I'm K. Elizabeth.  I'm the blogger behind YUMMommy, which was named one of JET Magazine's "Must-Read Blogs For Black Moms" in 2012.  Because there's nothing more important to me than my family, I love chronicling our journey and sharing what our life as a Black family is like.

As one of the 2015 Food Lion Frugal Cook-off winners, food is another area of my life that I am very passionate about.  I'd go as far as saying it's my main love language.  One of the ways to my heart is definitely through my stomach.  I love trying new foods and spending time in the kitchen cooking and crafting recipes.

When it comes to entertainment, I'm a book nerd through and through.  I could read for hours.  I also love movies, crafting and traveling with my family.


Moo |  She's the kids that started it all - my motherhood journey and this blog.  She is adventurous, compassionate, fun loving and a fast learner.  Sometimes shy, she's a natural born nurturer and problem solver.  She loves books (like me), being on the go, cooking, vlogging and being creative.  She is an excellent big sister with a passion for all things KPop, fashion and beauty.

JJ aka Bud | He's my second born and keeps me on my toes.  Laidback with a spontaneous side, my mini-me loves all thing Thomas the Tank Engine and Lightning McQueen related.  He's an introverted warrior who loves to help out wherever he can around the house, especially in the kitchen.  He loves homeschooling, art and letting loose in the park.  He aspires to be a big brother one day and animator.

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