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50+ Disney Easter Basket Fillers For $10 or Less

When I was a kid, Easter was one of my favorite holidays because it meant homemade/DIY Easter baskets from my mom.  She had five kids and made sure to customize the fillers of each basket to match our likes and interests.  While Jay prefers to purchase premade Easter baskets for the kids, I enjoy carrying on my mom's tradition of customizing small baskets for Moo and JJ filled with goodies I know they will love.  Since both of my kids are huge Disney lovers (like me), I decided to hunt down some Easter basket fillers that are not only Disney themed, but also easy on my wallet.

Before you keep scrolling down to check the 50+ Disney themed Easter basket fillers, I want to disclose that this post contains affiliate links.  This simply means that should purchase any of the items featured in the widgets below, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Also, I want to note that all items mentioned in this post were $10 at the time of the posting of this blog price. Therefore, prices are subject to change over time.  Now that the formalities are out of way, let's carry on. 


Toys make great Easter basket fillers.  In my opinion, they last longer and are better for kids than candy.  

Arts & Crafts

My mom is the queen of arts and crafting.  She always kept a fully stocked craft bin.  As an educator, she knew that arts and craft projects not only provided us with at least an hour of entertainment, but they also helped to hone our motor and problem solving skills.  This is why activity books and crafts make great filler options to add to Easter baskets as well. 


What fashion forward kid doesn't love accessories?  From purses to sunglasses and baseball caps, options are really endless when it comes to ways your little ones can add a bit of Disney to their outfits.  Moo owns Princess Tiana and Doc McStuffins handbags and she loves carrying one or the other around inside and outside of the house.

Sippy Cups/Water Bottles

You can never had too many sippy cups or water bottles, especially if they're Disney themed!  I've found that my kids are more likely to drink healthier drinks when they're served in a cup that features their favorite animated characters on the front.  Not to mention how cute are these sippy cups and water bottles?!


I've already mentioned that the first book I learned how to read was the Disney version of Snow White.  My mom read that book to and with me everyday until one day I read back to her without any assistance.   And we absolutely love Disney movies and shows.  Just check out my fangirl review of Beauty and the Beast.  Books and DVDs are more great fillers that will provide your with hours of entertainment and last for years to come.


Again kids (and adults) love sporting their favorite characters.  Your kids can look adorable and show off their Disney side at the same time.


True story, my kids put up less of a fight when it comes to brushing their teeth and/or getting their hair washed if the bottles/containers have their favorite Disney character on the front of it. 

If you're DIYing your kids' Easter baskets, remember that you don't have to stick to the traditional items like candy, eggs and bunny rabbits.  Think outside of the box and fill their baskets with items that you they'll love and that will last longer than Easter day.  Also, if you need more options of Disney themed Easter basket filler options search for Disney items on Amazon, Target and Walmart.

What item did you most look forward to in your Easter basket as a kid?

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