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#52BooksIn2016 | March Reads and Faves



Happy April!  Month 3 of the 52 Books in 2016 Reading Challenge is done.  We ended March having read a total of 48 books for the month.  We averaged one book a night for March since we read a few chapter books and longer picture books.  You can check out all the books we read below. ( Not pictured Glide and Slide by Janine Scott).  Check out our February recap if you missed it!

March Reads

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March Faves

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs By Jon Scieszka

There are hundreds of different variations of this classic bedtime story.  However, Scieszka's version is the one my kids have found to the funniest so far.  Unlike other Three Little Pigs stories this one is told from  Big Bad Wolf's perspective.  We had previously read this book, but Moo just had to hear it again.  I was to oblige her because I secretly enjoy this story myself.

The Buried Bones Mystery (Clubhouse Mysteries series) by Sharon M. Draper

I'm so glad we marked this off our TBR list.  Moo loved reading about Rico, Ziggy, Rashawn and Jerome aka The Black Dinosaurs as they decided to build a clubhouse, hunt for treasure and become mystery solvers.  We still adore Nancy Drew, but it's nice to know there's a series out there featuring main characters of color doing the crime solving.  Next we're on the hunt for a mystery series that features Black main characters who are girls.  If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below.  We also loved that The Black Dinosaurs were closer to Moo's age and she could better relate to them.

Thomas Goes Fishing by Reverend W. Awdry

It's no surprise that JJ's favorite book was Thomas related.  He's obsessed with that tank engine!  For days I heard "Can we go fishing like Thomas, Mommy?"  Thanks Thomas!  It looks like we'll be investing in some fishing rods, bait and fishing permits this summer.

Nikki & Deja (Nikki & Deja series) by Karen English

I love books that encourage and teach the importance of friendship, especially among girls of color.  We only got to read the first book of this series last month, but I'm surprising her later on this month by buying the complete series.  Nikki & Deja will make a great addition to our reading library.

Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloe Kardashian

When I first picked this book up I wasn't sure what to expect.  I haven't watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians in years, but I did read Kris Jenner's book last year and it was awesome as well as eye-opening.  Therefore, I decided to take a chance and read Khloe's book.  I'm glad that I did because it was a good read about how living healthy isn't about dieting, but making lifestyle changes across the board from what you eat to the people you surround yourself with.  Living healthy isn't just about the outside (physical) but the inside (mental) as well.

What We're Reading This Month

A New York Kind of Love by Synithia Williams

I knew I had to read this book when I found out that Synithia was a fellow Carolinian and that part of her book would take place in South Carolina with a few mentions of Charlotte.  I love my home states, but also have a deep love for New York.  To have a local writer combine the two is the icing on the cake!  I've already started reading this book and so far so good.  I'm looking forward to reading more books from Synithia and hope to meet her in person one day.

Inevitable Conclusions (Inevitable series) by Christina C Jones

Many of you might know Christina from her blog Being Mrs Jones.  I'm happy to call her friend and love her books!  She definitely knows romance and has written up a storm since she released her first book.  Her characters and their stories are realistic and relatable.  I'm playing catch-up and can't wait to read this book as I've heard nothing but great things about it.

I'm super excited to announce that we have passed our reading challenge goal of 150 books for 2016.  We've read 154 books in the past three months!  If we keep this momentum going we'll have read over 500 books by the end of the year.  That's a lot of books.  I feel like we'll definitely hit the 300 books mark for sure.

It's been a blast reading with the kids everyday, especially doing the chapter book read-alongs with Moo.  The mini breaks from reading adult books has inspired me to find other Mommy & Me projects that I can do with my kids together and with each other individually.

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