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Recently January: What I'm Resolving, Reading, Organizing, Loving & Craving

I can hardly believe that there are less than ten more days left in January!  This month started off with a lot of excitement over our rental life departure countdown.  I'm seriously looking forward to becoming a homeowner in the next few months.  Overall, this month has been pretty good to me and my family.  Already I can't wait to see what February has in store for us.

This month my Recently prompts are once again borrowed from Jenna and Anne from their Currently series.  Also, this post contains one Amazon affiliate link, which just means if you purchase something from Amazon through my link I'll receive a small affiliate commission from them. 


Every year I like to set goals and resolutions for the New Year.  This year was no different.  You read about what I'm planning and hope to accomplish in 2016 here.  Something I'm resolving to do before this month is out is to sit down with the kids and plan out a 2016 Family Bucket List.  This year I want to focus having more experiences with kids.  Making more memories for all of us to look back on.


Earlier this month I decided that the kids and I would join the #52BooksIn2016 Challenge after seeing Dani post about it on her Instagram page.  I actually committed to us reading 52-150 books because as a family we read roughly 3 to 4 books a day. Moo has to read one book a day for her homework, JJ has to read one book a day, we read two books at bedtime and then I read my adult books after they're asleep to unwind.  If you're keeping count we read a minimum of 31 books each month and have already read 37 books since January 1st.  I'll be sharing our favorite reads at the end of the month.

Anyways, I started reading The Honest Life by Jessica Alba this past Thursday.  I've been a fan of hers since I saw her in the movie Honey and had been wanting to read this book for the longest time, but just never got around to it.  I put in a request at our local library, picked it up and haven't been able to really put it down since.  If you're interested in living a healthy and honest, but realistic lifestyle this book is for you.  It's full of great information, tips and has a whole resource section.


Although we aren't moving for another couple of months, I've been working hard at getting my family organized by purging our rental.  I've been shredding old papers and sorting the important ones into folders, cleaning out the closets and sorting through toys, books and more.  The Goodwill has seen us multiple times this month already.  It feels great to be ridding ourselves of stuff we no longer need and haven't used in ages.  I'm holding off on buying more storage containers until we move because I don't want to buy anything that won't fit properly into its designated space.


We've been snowed and iced in since Friday morning and I'm loving it!  My love for snow is out of this world.  It's the perfect weather for staying indoors to read and cuddle with my little ones.  We've also been baking cookies and catching up on Netflix movies.  Not sure if schools will be open Monday as they planned because I'm sure that the water from the melting snow is going to refreeze Sunday making the roads too slick for buses.  

Unfortunately there have already been 5 deaths in our area due to people driving in this weather.  One of the victims was 5 year old and that news broke my heart even more.  Definitely be safe if you are continuing to venture out and about.


My baby fever is out of this world y'all!  It seems like everywhere I turn someone I know is either having a baby or has had a baby.  A while back we dropped by a family member's house and I found out they were fostering a baby.  I think I barely said hello everyone before I made a bee line straight for the baby.

She was the cutest little thing.  Y'all I've never had a small baby.  Both Moo and JJ were almost 9 pounds each.  My baby sister kept joking that I should pack up the baby's stuff take her home the whole time I was there.  To be honest I did think about it and would have totally done it.

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What you've been recently resolving, reading, organizing, loving or craving? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I always try to get organized this time of year. It doesn;t snow where I live, but I often imagine what it must feel like to snuggle in front of a warm cozy fireplace with a good book while the snowflakes fall outside.

  2. Kudos to you and the kiddos for joining the book challenge, I know y'all will do wonderfully!
    I want to read Jessica's book.
    Doesn't it feel good to purge. I think you're smart to get it done now, trust me! :)
    I'm glad you got your snow! I'm sorry about those who lost their lives. I've been hearing some sad stories about that. :(
    I have baby fever often, it comes and goes.

  3. Organization is on my new year list every year. I hope 2016 is the year I really execute that idea ;) haha