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Happy NaBloPoMo

November is officially here!  I can hardly believe it.  It feels like this year sped by.  With the New Year so close, I know that it's only to go by even faster now.  Besides Thanksgiving, one of the things that I really look forward to in November is National Blog Posting Month aka NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo is where bloggers commit to blogging every day for the month of November.  This challenge is great for bloggers for many reasons.  It helps us to get into the hang of posting to our blogs on a regular basis, it improves our writing skills and allows to connect more with our readers.  Last year I took a little break from NaBloPoMo.  I'm back this year and I'm confident that I can make it through.

I'm really looking forward to getting my blogging groove back and connecting more with the community I have here on the blog.  So, if you're a new face here don't be shy.  Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments and stay for a while.  See y'all tomorrow!

If you're a blogger, are you participating in NaBloPoMo?

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  1. Good luck with NaBloPoMo! Looking forward to reading.

  2. I think I'll just observe this year. I'd love to do it in the future though.