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Thankful Thursday

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
- Unknown

Happy Thankful Thursday!  Although this week has been long, worrisome and rough, I won't complain.  Instead let's jump right into this.

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about Hurricane Joaquin and the flooding that it's caused in some areas of my home state, South Carolina.  I spend this weekend being a worrywart because a lot of my family and friends live in the areas that were flooded.  I'm just know learning that a few actually had their homes flooded, while others just barely escaped the waters coming inside.

Nevertheless, I'm giving thanks that everyone who needed to be evacuated or rescued has been and my loved ones are safe and warm tonight.  I'm especially grateful that while some of the roads in my baby brother's area got flooded out, his house didn't and he didn't need to be evacuated.  But we've agreed that next time there's a hurricane, he's coming home instead of trying to wait it out.  Honestly, my nerves can't take the worrying and I know my mom's can either because I get my worrying from her.

While we're still talking about the flooding, I'm grateful for all the volunteers, communities and companies who have stepped up to help out the flood victims with providing food, shelter, clothing, safe transportation, etc.  THANK YOU!  I've been blessed that whenever bad storms roll through the Carolinas, I've never seen any major damage in my neighborhood.  We had a tree fall down due to strong winds this weekend, but it didn't hit any cars and the complex maintenance & grounds crew got it cleaned up out of the road quickly.  Continue to pray for SC y'all!

Moving on, Moo picked up cold germs from school again.  So we spent the weekend battling that as well. While JJ is still sick, I'm grateful that Moo is all better.  Her last few colds last year ended up with us almost staying in the hospital!  I'm praying that her immune system has grown stronger and that JJ's will catch up because his asthma has been acting up since he's been sick.  However, I'm grateful that his breathing treatments have been helping him and we haven't had to go to the ER.

Lastly, this week I'm grateful for answered prayers.  As I mentioned earlier, there are some things going on behind the scenes that I could complain about, but I'm going to.  Instead, I've been praying the answer and not the problem and some situations are already being worked out.

Leave a comment and let me know what you're thankful for!

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