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VTech Flipsies™ | Jazz's Convertible & Stage

Disclosure:  This product was provided by VTech to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When it comes to creating toys that are educational, fun and teaches positives messages, VTech is our go-to brand here in the YUMMommy household.  We own several of their Go! Go! Smart Wheels sets and cars, Tote & Go laptops and more.  So when they reached out to see if we'd be interested in checking out one of their new Flipsies™ sets, we said yes.  Their offer couldn't have come at a better time as Moo had been asking to get one since she first saw the commercials.  We got Jazz's Convertible & Stage.

What We Liked

  • 2-in-1:  Jazz comes with a convertible that transforms to a music stage and ten accessories- wigs (2), guitar, microphone, sunglasses, camera, purse, cell phone and removable tops (2).  Retailing for just $19.99, this is a steal.  Kids can choose to play with Jazz and the convertible together or independently as two separate toys.  Either way, they have two toys for the price of one.
  • Fun Features:  Most kids like toys that light up, talk and are transformable.  Jazz talks and sings, her necklace and the car's headlights light up as well as the two lights on the stage.  With the interchangeable wigs, tops and accessories, kids can transform Jazz into a rock star.  Let's not forget that the car converts into a stage too!

  • Overall Design:  Moo absolutely loves the colors of Jazz's convertible, especially the purple because it's her favorite color.  VTech did a great job of choosing colors that are bright and cheery without being overpowering.  Since Jazz is a rock star, the music notes on the car's hood, sides, tires and trunk are the perfect touch.  The stage really comes to life with the disco ball, flip out speakers and background concert image.  We also love that Jazz's tops and wigs are removeable.

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  • Positive Messaging: Imaginative play can be more than educational.  Why not make it inspirational and empowering as well?  That's exactly what VTech did with the Flipsies™.  With the slogan "Let your dreams shine!™" each Flipsies™ doll set encourages kids to dream big and empowers them to have the courage to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.  It was a complete coincidence that we got Jazz, but she was perfect for Moo, who wants to pursue singing professionally someday.

What We Didn't Like

Honestly, there wasn't anything we didn't like about Jazz.  Moo was a bit disappointed that the disco ball didn't light up or spin, but that didn't stop her from loving her Flipsies™.  And my only suggestion would be to increase the appropriate age level from 4 to 9 years old to 5 to 9 years old.  Having JJ, who is 4 years old, I think that most kids this age are still prone to put small things in their mouthes.  However, if you do get this toy for your 4 year old, supervise them with the small accessories like I do.

You can check out the entire Flipsies™ collection and find the perfect set for your little one here.  Don't forget to follow VTech on Facebook and Twitter so that you stay up to date on the latest product releases, sales and more.  Also, the Flipsies™ has their own official website where kids can play games, watch videos and more.  There's even a Parent Corner.

What positive messaging or educational features do you like to see in toys?

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