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Thankful Thursday

"Gratitude changes everything."
~ Unknown

 Happy Thankful Thursday YUMMs!  This week went by fast for me because I did some traveling.  I'm thankful that the weekend is coming up and we can sleep in a bit.  Earlier this week the family and I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia where I attended the Art of Entrepreneurship event for Coca-Cola.  You guys already know how much I love them as brand mainly because of all of the community and charity work that they do.

I'm thankful that the Mr got to come along.  We've been together for ten years and this was our first trip together besides going to visit my family.  The kids and I have traveled several places without him.  So, it felt great to finally travel as just a family of four.  Also, it gave him a chance to see more of what I do in terms of working hands on with brands.

I think he was kind of amazed and very much impressed.  He asked a lot of questions and we even talked about how I can take YUMMommy to the next level.  Because the kids have traveled with me before for blog related work they were used to seeing me pretty much get the red carpet treatment.  Overall we had an amazing time even though I didn't have a lot of free time during the day.

Speaking of Atlanta and Coca-Cola, I'm thankful that I received an invitation to this event because I got to meet some of favorite bloggers whose blogs I have been reading/stalking for years!!  I lectured myself on not acting like total fangirl beforehand and I think that managed to successfully reign in my excitement.  I was honored to find out that some of them actually read my blog and knew who I was in return.  I'm definitely most thankful that I left Atlanta with some new friendships that will go beyond just blogging.

Whoever put together the group of bloggers for this event did a superb job of matching our personalities because everyone was down to earth and we all bonded.  Our dinner conversations got deep.  I can officially say that I am that blogger that cried (happy tears) at a blog event.  That's how emotional and deep our conversations got.  I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to meet these women and reunite with a few familiar faces as well as my favorite brand.

I'm thankful that we had safe travels because there were a few minor wrecks that we passed on the way going and coming back home.  Also, I learned that my husband knows his way around Atlanta because it used to be almost like a second home to him.  At first I thought he was kidding because in the ten years we've been together he's never been out of state with the exception of a two hour drive to South Carolina.  But he proved me wrong and drove us the whole way without any GPS assistance.  I guess when you fall in like with a place you really never forget your way around.

I'm grateful that I came out of my shell a little bit more.  I was definitely more chattier this time around which again is a testament to fact that I felt more comfortable with the bloggers who were present.  I'm thankful for the chance to have met some of the women whose lives Coca-Cola has impacted thanks to their #5by20 community initiative.   Be on the lookout for a full recap post soon.  But in the meanwhile be sure to check out the official #5by20 website to find out more on how they working hard to empower 5 Million female entrepreneurs by 2020 through funding, donation of materials, educational training and more. 

Lastly, I'm thankful that the kids and I have been enjoying our summer break so far.  We've made great progress on our 100 Books Family Summer Reading Challenge.  We've read 38 books so far not counting the three we'll read tonight.  Something tells me we're going to cross that 100 books mark way before August gets here!

What are you giving thanks for this week?

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  1. Glad you had fun in Atlanta next time you gotta stay longer. I am thankful for faith because I sometimes feel it slip away and I know I gotta get it back because if I have it things turn out alright