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And Then He Was Four

It happened again!  One of my kiddies dared to get another year older on me.  JJ turned four last month and I have to admit that I am proud of myself.  I held it together beautifully because y'all know that when it comes to my kids, birthdays and holidays, I tend to turn into an emotional sap. 

 Anyways, my little guy had a great birthday and enjoyed celebrating as a family of four.  Honestly, big parties just aren't going to be our thing.  Neither of my kids are fans of big crowds or loud noises.  Plus there's something about having that flexibility of allowing the kids to wake up and decide what they want to do for their birthdays as we go throughout the day.

The first request on JJ's list of birthday adventures after he had his tummy filled with bacon was to get a new train for his Thomas & Friends collection.  Seriously, he has quite the collection going with three different track sets, two Thomas & Friends flashlights (Thomas & Percy) and more than a handful of the motorized engines.  So we headed off to Walmart because some of their trains are cheaper than Target's.  And tada... Caitlin and her passenger express  are the newest additions to the family!

Our next stop was one that everyone enjoyed.  (Moo was not happy that she didn't get a new toy while we were at Walmart.)  We hit up our favorite library, the ImaginOn, or as the kids refer to it, The Special Place!  Libraries are indeed special places and filled with magical adventures in every book.  So, I've kind of adopted their name for the ImaginOn.  I hope they always see the library as their "Special Place."

Moo insisted on dressing herself.  Not bad for a six year old!

While JJ and the Mr checked out the vending machines, Moo and I checked out this cool sculpture of Cruella de Vil.  Pretty cool interpretation right of the iconic Disney villain, right?!  Let's hope that no dalmatians were harmed in the making of her coat.  Her earrings and sequined gown were gorgeous!  And that deep plum lipstick is fab as well.

When we finished our snacks, JJ and Moo put on a puppet show.  Then, JJ proceeded to fall in love with Kermit and refused to put him down the rest of our time at the ImaginOn.  I'm not even sure how we got him to leave Kermit when we left.  There may or may not have been some food bribing involved because my kids have obviously inherited my love language: food!

The kids enjoyed playing with the big storybook before we left.  Of course, JJ got sidetracked when another group of kids moved on the puppet booth.  He was not happy and kept wanting me to make them leave.  We have to work on his sharing skills a bit.  We ended up staying at the library until it closed and then enjoyed a nice walk in Uptown Charlotte.

We ended the day with dinner and popsicles (JJ is allergic to cake).  Overall, my little guy had a blast for his birthday.  He's already gave me a list of the next trains he wants to add to collection for Christmas!

How you celebrate your kids' birthdays?

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  1. Happy Birthday to him! We are taking my son on a trip out of town to Savannah for his birthday we leave tomorrow his birthday is Friday. He loves the beach and I invited some of his friends (I know their mom) to join us so it will be a nice surprise.

    1. Happy early birthday to your little guy! He's going to have a blast and will definitely be surprised to have his friends tagging along.

  2. The time goes by so fast, so you really have to cherish the moments with your children. Your kids are just too adorable. I usually have a birthday party for my son with his friends/classmates and family and then I always make sure we have a private celebration with just me and him since I am a single mom and it is basically just us.

    1. Thanks! I think as they get older and make more friends they might get into the whole birthday party with friends thing. For now I'm definitely cherishing the fact that they'd rather just be together as a family to celebrate their special days.

  3. Turning 4! I can remember turning 4. Looks like you created some amazing memories together for this birthday.

    1. We did! And I'm grateful that he'll have this post and pictures to look back on when he's older.