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Thankful Thursday

" . . . I keep reading that 'we need more people this.'  Guess what, those more people are each of us.  Even if you do just one thing to make someone else's life better during your lifetime, and we all do this, it will change the world.  No more 'we need more!'  We ARE the more."

~ Stephenie Stephens

Earlier today I was reading this post about how a guy built a tiny house for his homeless neighbor who had been sleeping in the dirt.  Yes, dirt as that stuff we dust off our shoes, plant seeds in and bugs in live.  Not only did the story move me, but the quote above which is actually one of the comments that was made underneath the article.  I'm so grateful that finally someone seems to get it.  There were so many people like Stephenie said commenting on this story about how we need more people to help the homeless, but did it ever cross their mind that they could be those people?

With everything that is going in our country right now, we honestly can't sit on our butts and wait for more good samaritans to pop up.  No, we have to step up and be those good samaritans in our neighborhoods.  Homelessness isn't something that's just in California.  It's here in Charlotte, in my hometown and in yours. And there are other issues besides homelessness that not only need more awareness, but need us to take action.  

Reading this story and seeing that comment has given me the push I need to move forward with a few service related projects I've been putting off.  Yes, I do a few things in my community such as volunteering at my local schools, donating to charity and food pantries.  However, I can do more.  I have this blog and social media platforms that I can use to talk about things besides motherhood, fashion, and beauty.  And I plan to do just that.

I'm grateful that my baby sister has decided to go back to college and finish up her degrees.  Yes, she's pursuing more than one and I couldn't be more proud of her.  Seeing my mom chase after her dreams has motivated me and my siblings.  Mom has always been our biggest motivator and supporter.  We know we're blessed to have her and I thank her for all of the great examples she has set for us.

Also, this week I'm giving thanks for a patient husband.  I'm not going to pretend like I'm the perfect wife because I am far from it.  There are times that he gets utterly frustrated with my stubbornness.  When I'm upset he gives me the space to calm down.  I'm learning to be more patient with him.  We've been together ten years and in some ways we're still adjusting to each other.  We've grown a lot since we met.

I'm no longer the college freshman his family and friends teased him about falling for. He's witnessed my growth from a carefree teenager to full on womanhood.  We've loved each other when we were at our worst and continue to love each other even more now we're at our best.  At the end of the day I'm so thankful to be his Mrs! 

Lastly, but not least I'm thankful that Tara and I had a great Mommy Camp 101 hangout. We agree that things went well and are looking forward to collaborating together in again in the future!  I'm so grateful for her support and whenever I need advice or just someone to vent to that I can trust she's there.

What you thankful for this week?

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