Thankful Thursday

"Being human is given.  But keeping our humanity is a choice."

~ Anonymous

Today is World Autism Awareness Day!!  And it's been great seeing so many people and organizations showing their support for those with autism.   We showed our support as well by wearing blue.  Below is a shot from my Instagram of JJ at the park in his blue and black striped shirt.

This week I'm giving thanks that our warm weather has come back.  Last Friday, we had a bit of a cold front here and started to feel like winter again.  I saw that some of my blogger friends actually got small snow showers last week!  I'm also giving thanks that while all this pollen has been irritating Moo's allergies, her body is tolerating it a little bit better this year.  I'm hoping that the pollen levels doesn't get much higher.

I'm also thankful that while we were out at the park today, JJ made a new friend.  My little guy is becoming more social and I love it.  It's nice to see him coming out of his cocoon.  He's already very chatty at home and we're delighted to see him starting to chat it up a little more in public.

Spring Break has officially started!  Want to know what this mommy is looking forward to doing?  Sleeping in!!  JJ's sleep schedule is still off at night and he's been waking up thinking it's party time.  I have four alarms set so that I don't oversleep in the mornings.  I'm very much looking forward to turning all four of those off for the next week.

Last but not least I'm thankful that great customer service is NOT dead.  I had an issue with my food at one of my favorite restaurants and contacted them via a private Facebook message.  The owner responded personally to my message.  He sent me a letter again apologizing for what had happened as well as a free coupon to replace the item in the mail. 

What are you giving thanks for this week?

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  1. Love him in his blue! Customer service is alive and well and I get the best customer service from small businesses. Our spring break starts tomorrow and I am sleeping in and resting

  2. When I woke up I was rushing and totally forgot my BLUE and when I logged into IG and saw all the LIGHT IT BLUE I was like awwww… That pic is super cute! I'm praying that Spring will stay… goof you were able to get to the park and hope you all enjoy Spring Break. Lastly, great customer is always a PLUS!!!!! Kudos to that restaurant!

  3. Spring break has started here too. If i can just get through the next two work days, I can Sleep in!! Hopefully....LOL