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Thankful Thursday

"Everyday is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again."

~ @Oprah_World, Twitter

Good day YUMMs!  Happy Thankful Thursday.  Definitely giving thanks for new beginnings.   I've really been working hard to allow each day to be its own blank slate and not rolling over issues and negative energy from the day before.  And yes, taking a deep breath does help.

I'm thankful that Moo has officially recovered from her flu!!  However, she did get a stomach virus on Monday.  Tuesday night was the roughest.  Let's just say our carpet got some special cleaning attention.  But she's back on the mends again.  

Stomach bugs are always short lived.  I'm giving thanks that JJ didn't catch her flu or stomach bug!  One sick child is handful enough for me.  The Mr and I have made sure to remind Moo more frequently to wash her hands at school and ask her teacher for sanitizer often.  Her poor immune system has taken so much of a beating since she's started school.  She's literally been sick almost every other week.

She's a trooper though and has handled it all with grace.  I know God has been and will continue to look out for her.  We're hoping to get through 2015 without any trips to ER or stays in the hospital.  We had a close call with her flu and asthma last week, but again, God came through.

I had a package from a sponsor get lost in the mail last week and I am grateful that they were awesome and offered to ship me a new one.  It arrived Tuesday and I can't wait to share what it is with y'all.  Earlier this month, I announced that I had been selected to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration.  Well, it's been such an awesome and exciting experience connecting with other bloggers through this project.

The support and love that my fellow #DisneySide hosts and hostesses have been displaying in our Facebook group, on social media and each other's blogs and vlogs is so inspiring and motivating.  I'm so grateful to Disney, Disney Parks and MomSelect for bringing us together.  I definitely feel like I've made a few more blogger friends and look forward to getting to know everyone more.  Be sure to follow the #DisneySide hashtag on social media to see how we're showing our love of Disney and Disney Parks and how that love is allowing us to bond with our families and friends.

JJ has officially graduated to using sentence fragments and two word phrases!!  I'm super excited and proud of his progress.  We actually went to the library this morning and picked out some books.  I read to them every night and we do his flashcards, but now I'm ready to get him started trying to read to me and Moo.  My goal is to start slow with getting him to read one page a night using the repeat after me method.  Then a month from now, we'll increase to two pages and so forth until he can read at least five pages in one setting.

I'm also thankful that JJ's fourth birthday is coming up.  That means I'm getting closer to starting my TTC journey for baby 3!  There is a small to do list that we still have knock out to make sure we're fully prepared for a third child like buying second car that is family friendly and has a lot of trunk space, but isn't an uber gas hog.  I'm thinking a hybrid suv will be a good fit for us.  If anyone has any recommendations on a great one leave it below.

And as always, I'm grateful for those who continue to support this blog.  Thanks for reading and sharing.

What are you showing gratitude for this week?

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  1. i love the idea of beginning each day starting fresh..and taking deep breaths is so fundamental. and congrats on your upcoming TTC journey...children are such blessings!