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Thankful Thursday

"Life is full of give and take.  Give thanks and take nothing for granted."


Thankful Thursday-YUMMommy
Hi YUMMs!  The quote above couldn't be more fitting today.  Winter finally decided to kick in and it's absolutely freezing outside here.  I bundled the kids up- heavy coats, layers, gloves and hats- and JJ's hands were still super cold when we got home from taking Moo to school.  Last night, I couldn't help but think about all of the homeless residents that have to brave these frigid temperatures.

There are hundreds of families who have a place to stay, but still don't have proper heating and can't afford proper clothing.  My heart goes out to them as well.  As I walked Moo to her classroom this morning, I couldn't help but glance at all of the children I saw and be thankful that they had a warm  and safe place to spend most of the day.  I don't know their situations, but for some it was evident that things at home are tight.

I got kind of emotional about it.  Actually, I'm still a bit emotional about it because I grew up in a home where things were very tight.  We weren't the poorest and thankfully we had family members and family friends who knew our need and helped here and there.  However, some families don't have that and today was my reminder to not take anything for granted- my family, our car, having warm clothing, etc.  It's these reminders that keep me humble and keep me grounded.

Psalm 46- YUMMommy
DOWNLOAD HERE (for personal use ONLY)

I stumbled across this scripture Tuesday night and it's been on my mind constantly ever since.  I had to create this printable so that I could print it out and place where I can see it daily.  I'm grateful for the reminder that God has destined us to succeed!  Life can be discouraging at times, especially when things don't go as we plan, but it's all part of His plan to lead us to our greater success story.  You can download a copy for personal use ONLY using the link above.  If you share it, make sure you link back to this post!

Also, this week I'm giving thanks that yours truly was selected to host her first Disney Side @Home Celebration!  The kiddies and I are beyond excited.  I wish that I had recorded Moo's reaction when I told her.  It was priceless and she's been asking everyday when I pick her up if our kit has arrived yet.

Lastly, I'm grateful that Moo is really passionate about her faith.  Her enthusiasm about our daily morning and evening prayers is contagious.  We read a devotion every night before storytime and she requested that we move it to the morning so that she go to school feeling more empowered!  When I say that God is moving in my child, I mean He's moving y'all!

I can't and wouldn't dare take all the credit for her being as compassionate as she is.  I know that this comes from a power much higher and greater than us.  My prayer and hope is that JJ will become just as passionate and interested in our faith and God's word as Moo is.

Be blessed YUMMs and keep warm!  Don't forget to donate used (or new) coats and other warm garments if you have them.  I've rounded up some of the kids old clothing (some used, some never worn) and will be donating them this week to help clothe families in our community.

What are you giving thanks for week?

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  1. I work with an afterschool program two days a week and it breaks my heart to see so many children struggling and not only struggling but not having family support so I get it. It is extremely cold here as well. I'm waiting on spring so I can plant my garden!

  2. That is such a great scripture and faith is such an important building block for having a successful life,

  3. I am thankful I got picked too for the Disney Side party and boy has it opened up some doors to other blogs and networking. I feel so bad for the homeless I am going to post some numbers for hotlines tomorrow on my FB page so people can share

  4. I am thankful for life, health and strength. Love this post. It is so important to instill Godly values into our children when they are young and before the world devours their souls! My son loves to say his prayers, read bedtime devotionals and look at all the pictures. Thank you for the New Year well wishes and visiting. I hope you accomplish all of your goals this year also.

  5. Love this post and such a great reminder. So many people struggle on a daily basis and do not know when or what their next meal will be and that is heartbreaking. My friend actually started a coat drive and is trying to collect all unused coats to donate to the people that don't have one or have to live with no heat. Thanks for sharing your heart!!

  6. I'm thankful for a new year, it's nice to start anew, I plan on making 2015 MINE :)
    Congrats on being selected!!! I've seen Disney Side posts in the past, and thought how awesome that would be. I'm happy for you and your babies.
    I love your heart, thank you for thinking of others, we truly have SO MUCH to be THANKFUL for.

  7. I love this scripture! Totally going on my vision board!