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#DisneySide @Home Celebration Kit Unboxing

Disclosure: I received free products in order to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.


I was in junior high when we first got satellite television.  Up until that point, my television sessions were non-existent with the exception of Disney movies.  My mom was and still is a die hard Disney fan.  The Lion King is her all-time favorite Disney movie.  She even got a chance to catch the musical at Disney World one year when she chaperoned my baby brother's band trip.

So, it was no shocker that when we got our satellite we were only allowed to watch three things: the Disney Channel, the news and Oprah!  For the most part we stuck to this rule; occasionally we watched things that we weren't supposed to because our peers were watching it, but not often.  I remember falling in love with shows like The Famous Jett Jackson (RIP to Lee Thompson Young), Lizzie Mcguire, and being introduced to a mischievous and bothersome Shia LaBeouf, who played the role of Louis Stevens on Even Stevens.  He's definitely come into his looks since then, but I digress.

I remember enjoying cartoons like PB & J Otter, JoJo's Circus and more with my baby sister who was just starting elementary school.  No longer feeling like we were missing out on all of the IT tv shows for teens made me feel like I was finally part of the In crowd.  My mom was a single parent and so cable and satellite tv were out of her budget for a while, but we definitely appreciated her getting it for us once we could afford it.  Whenever Disney would advertise casting calls, she would always encourage me or one of my siblings to try out, but we were too shy and unsure of our talents back then. 

Here I am years later with two kids of my own and I'm proud to say they both love Disney just as much if not more than my siblings and I do and did when we were their ages.  I'm honored to have seen and celebrate the creation of the first African American Disney Princess, Princess Tiana from The Princess & the Frog.  I'm even more excited that I have my first opportunity to partner with Disney via Disney Parks and MomSelect by hosting a Disney Side @Home Celebration!  Moo's eyes about popped out of her head when I told her we had a package from Disney coming.


Looking back, I'm kind of wishing I had waited until it arrived to tell her.  Okay not really, but she asked about it EVERYDAY.  The first words out of her mouth in the mornings would be, "Is my Disney package coming today?"  When I picked her up from school she would ask, "Did the Disney package come?"  And during our nightly family prayer when I'd ask if she had anything she wanted to pray for she would respond with , "Lord, help our Disney package hurry up and get here." LOL.

Seeing her excitement and joy over us getting the chance to do something special like a Disney Side @Home Celebration has been refreshing and magical for me.  I can only imagine this is the same excitement I exuded to my mom when I was younger and got excited about receiving or getting to watch the latest Disney movie.  I had the biggest obsession with Pocahontas and went nuts when my mom was able to get my the braiding Pocahontas doll for Christmas after the movie came out.  I cherished that doll and played with it for years until my little brother chewed one of her hands off and then broke off her head. 


We were selected for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse multigeneration kit, which is great since JJ loves Mickey and Moo and loves Minnie and Daisy.  Our kit came with the following goodies:

  • Disney Side invitations
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cups, napkins, plates, tablecloth and decorations
  • Minnie Mouse and Daisy snack supplies
  • Disney party favors: stickers, pencils, Mickey Mouse tattoos, and information packs with luggage tags for the adults
  • Disney themed activity sheets: Bingo, trivia cards, word search puzzles and more
  • Mickey Mouse cake mold
  • Duff Goldman Tie Dye cake mix and sprinkles
  • HP Create Memories You Keep Packs
  • Snuggle Fabric softner (sample size)
  • All Mighty Pacs (full size)
  • Wisk laundry detergent (sample size)
  • Two Disney Princess Palace Pets toys
  • Disney Princess nail polish set (18-count)
  • Coupons
  • Disney Vacation Planning DVD

Moo with her faves from our kit
Do I even have to tell y'all what Moo's favorites from our kit are?  I think the picture above says it all.  She's in love with Nuzzles and Matey.  I haven't let her crack into the nail polish yet since we're saving that to do our nails with the day of our party.  JJ's favorites have been the stickers, pencils and huge Pin-the-Smile-on-the-Mickey cutout. 

My favorite is the cake mold because I can use it for parties for years to come.  And I'm ready to try out the Duff's Tie Dye cake mix.  I heard it tastes really good.  The Mr and I will enjoy that since it's not gluten-free.  We've decided to host our party next month and have decided on a Family Togetherness Day theme filled with family, food, games, Disney movies and of course talking about our upcoming Disney World trip.

Be sure to check out our kit unboxing video below.  And yes, I know that my head is half out of the frame for most of the video.  We filmed it at 1 AM and this tired mommy meant to move the camera back, but I went to check on JJ and then forgot to move it when I came back.  You still get a full view of Moo, who served as my lovely assistant!  Also, drop by The Best Crowe's Nest and check out my friend, Kelley's Disney Side @Home Celebration Box Reveal.

Do you or your child have a favorite Disney character/show?

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  1. Yay for Disney Side. I think we will do a Vday get together a mickey and Minnie mouse type party. Can't wait to party

    1. A Mickey and Minnie Valentine's Day party sounds awesome!

  2. Replies
    1. I applied to host to a #DisneySide party through a blog network. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You got a box full of awesome stuff. I love all things Disney.

    1. That is almost the same thing my daughter said when we first opened the box. She couldn't stop staying how "awesome" or "cool" everything was. Yay for being a Disney lover!

  4. Your little girl's smile says it all! :) So exciting!! I'm sure you'll have an awesome DisneySide Home Celebration!! Enjoy planning and partying!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog last week! It was great to hear from another Disney fan!! ;)

  5. Moo's excitement is beaming through in that precious smile :) My kids would be crazy excited if a box full of Disney goodies showed up. I watched JoJo's Circus with my oldest daughter :D {now I feel old}.

  6. Oh wow, this looks like so much fun! Your daughter is adorable! Love those Princess nail polishes.

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