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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday YUMMs!  This week has been kind of long.  JJ broke in these mystery hives on Tuesday and they still haven't gone away despite getting a HUGE tube of steroid cream from the pediatrician.  When I say he's covered head to toe, I mean head to toe.  And I'm completely clueless as to what could have caused this.  

My suspicion is that it's all of this carpet.  And the pediatrician and the Mr seem to agree that his system is maxed out with dealing with the allergens that carpet can bring.  Apartments don't really invest a ton of money into allergen-free carpet because it just wouldn't be practical for them in the long run.  So, we're going to be experimenting with a few different creams and liquid steroids to see if he and Moo can get some relief because last week she was covered in hives.  And last night was rough with JJ waking up on and off due to being incrediblly itchy, and not the mention, hives can have a mild burning sensation.

So, he was very uncomfortable.  I had to wait before I could give him another dose of Benadryl and ended up having to freeze the apartment so that the cool air would soothe his skin.  I went to bed after 4 AM only to have to get up 3 hours later to take Moo to school.  Yea, this mommy has been running off of maybe three hours of sleep.

However, the bright side of this is that we haven't had to make any trips to the hospital!  I'm so grateful for that because my kids have hospital and doctor files thicker than some criminals' wrap sheets.  Being a mom to two kids with severe allergies and one of them having ASD is hard.  But I thank God everyday for them because they're teaching me so much and making me grateful for a lot.

I'm giving thanks this week for my loving husband and how his takes up time with the kids.  One of the moms from one of my Facebook groups posted that she can barely get her husband to spend ten minutes with their kids because he doesn't think that's his responsibility.  All I can say on that is, THANK GOD he's not my husband because I'd probably show him the door on the real.  That post reminded me that you just never know what people are going through at home and within their marriages.  My heart goes out to her that her husband doesn't give her break or think he should help out with the kids.

I'm thankful that my baby sister is going back to college to finish up her culinary degree.  She had a few setbacks, but she's back on track and will be joining us here in the Queen City!  I can't wait for her to move here and we can hang out during her non-class hours.  Plus, she'll be here getting to hang out with kids and making more memories with them.  Like I'm jumping up and down inside for her because cooking is her passion and she's GREAT at it.

A lot has been going on with my family that I can't get into too much detail about on the blog, but I'm giving thanks that the dust is finally clearing.  God is opening up some doors for those who needed them open and giving tough love to those who it needed it as well.  I would certainly appreciate it if y'all would keep them in prayer.

This week we found out that Moo's teacher is leaving and it's bittersweet.  Moo loves her and was not a happy camper.  I'm not thrilled either because I feel like her teacher and I just bonded and got on solid ground.  Now, I have to start over trusting someone else with child.  The good side of this is that Moo's new classroom will be with her music teacher and we've met in passing.  The downside is that if they fill her teacher's position before the end of the school year, she'll be moved a second time.

That's two too many moves for this mommy.  Therefore, I'm requesting that Moo stays permanently in her music teacher's class.  I don't want anything affecting her learning like trying adapt to a stranger over halfway through the school year.  We'll see what happens.  Either way, they'll continue to see my face out there on daily basis.

Which brings to the next thing that I'm grateful for- the opportunity to volunteer at Moo's school.  I can't stress how important it is for parents to volunteer at their child's school at least once.  If possible walk your child to class.  I made a promise to Moo to walk her to class everyday for this entire school year unless an absolute emergency came up and I haven't failed yet.  Because of the staff knows me and they know that I'm passionate about my child's education.  Thus, I've been getting asked to volunteer out at the school often and have been enjoying being able to make a difference.

Lastly, I'm grateful that tomorrow is my birthday!!  Nothing special planned, but I will be turning up with about 15 kindergartners since I'll be making crafts with Moo's class and helping them enjoy their last day with their teacher.  I can't hardly believe I'm hitting the last year of my twenties.  I need to challenge myself to do something major during this 29th year.

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Happy Birthday to you. My husband is the same way he doesn't do much with the kids he will take our son out from time to time but doesn't spend much time with them at all. He works 6 days a week so I am like a single parent because he works from sun up to sun down. I wonder how it would be if he didn't work so much to provide *sigh*. I am thankful I am getting better after being down with the flu this week.