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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday YUMMs!  I'm so glad this week is coming to a close.  Stressful doesn't even begin to describe how this week has been going.  Yesterday, my head felt like it was going to explode at any moment.  However, bad times don't stop the show and I still have lots to be grateful for.

Over the weekend, Moo got into some food she wasn't suppose to have due to her allergies.  That led to her getting really sick, swelling up, breaking out in hives literally from her head to her toes and having a fever for three days straight.  It was nuts.  She had to miss her first day of school and that bummed me out because I was hoping she would have perfect attendance the entire school year. I'm thankful to report today that she is doing much better!

God is good and her hives are almost gone.  The swelling went away completely Wednesday and her fever finally broke late Monday night.  I thought for sure we'd have to spend a few days in the hospital, but thankfully we didn't.  Food allergies make it so rough around these parts sometimes.

JJ is like a talking machine now y'all.  I think it amazes him just how much he's progressed in his speech and he gets in this moods where he'll be really chatty for like hours.  Although, it's not fully sentences and some of it is still very much gibberish, he's trying and for that I give thanks.  That's leaps and bounds from where we were this time last year.

He's also being more affectionate and covers me kisses in random spurts.  On the flip side, he has been bumping heads with Moo a lot lately for some reason.  So, there has been lots of timeout and putting them in their separate spaces.  I'm pretty sure this phase will pass quickly because as soon as they're out of timeout, they hug and start playing together.  Those two have a bond like no other.

I finally found a craft project to do with Moo's class.  Thank goodness because I wanted to choose something that would be fun, but simple and not too messy.  So, we're making Santa Snow Globes using paper plates, sandwich bags, glitter and food coloring.  Can't wait.  And the best part is that I'll get to spend more of my birthday with Moo since that's when we'll be making these. 

JJ's tagging along and I hope he doesn't turn that classroom too upside down.  He's not destructive, but he likes to dig.  Whenever he sees drawers and cabinets, his curiosity gets the best of him.  I can't even be mad at him because he inherited that trait from me.  We're investigative people by nature.

I'm thankful that I will soon be living in a gated community!  Out apartment complex was recently acquired by a bigger management company and y'all they are pulling out the stops.  We have nice fence going up around the complex and will soon be receiving gate remotes and keys.  Today they trimmed all of the overhanging branches on the trees and planted new flowers.  I'm honestly thinking of sneaking some of the wood back to the apartment to use as kindling for the fireplace.

I've seen that a few apartments have already gotten new appliance deliveries.  I'm excited and grateful that for the few months we have left on our lease, we will get to enjoy these upgrades. I'm even more excited that I've found some reasonably priced houses and land lots in one of our dream neighborhoods.  

If we go the land lot route and build a home, we'll be in this apartment another year, but I won't mind because the neighborhood is great and I'm close to all of the malls.  They're all just a 30 minute drive away.  I almost wish we could move our dream schools closer and find a house in this area that's in our budget.  Anyways, this next few months is going to be all about keeping a stricter grip on our funds so that we can have a good down payment or be able to pay cash for the land lot depending on which route we take. 

I'm grateful for the blessings that God has worked out for certain members of my family.  There have been quite a few storms brewing behind the scenes, but we shall rise and come victorious as always.  I'm grateful for seasons of rain because they remind us to stay humble.  They remind me where my help and miracles come from.  They bring us closer.

I'm grateful that the Mr and I are coming up on our ten year anniversary of being a couple.  TEN years y'all.  That's almost unheard of with couples my age and his age.  Also, next year we'll celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary and I can't wait.  The vow renewal ceremony is back on and so is my planning hat.

Be prepared to see my Pinterest feed, the blog and my YUMMommy YouTube channel flooded with wedding stuff!  Lastly, I'm most thankful that I won a Facebook cover redesign from Kokoa Magazine!  I can't wait to unveil the finished product on Monday!!  Thanks again Kita!  And if you guys haven't checked out Kokoa Magazine, hop on over there and gets to reading.

What are you giving thanks for this week?

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  1. Thank you for the shout. I remember when our apartments got upgraded they put us in a hotel for a month when we came back it was so nice omg we actually stayed another yr just because of the upgrades.