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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday YUMMs!  Today has been a busy day for sure.  However, I'm not complaining.  It was busy in an awesome type of way.  I got to hang out with my favorite Queen City bloggers at the BJ's Wholesale Club Holiday Preview event.

I'm thankful that I was invited to this event because I never heard of BJ's until maybe like three or four years ago.   Needless, to say I had never been inside one either.  So, I didn't know what to expect, but let me tell y'all, I'm a fan now.  Yes, the prices are amazing and cheaper than what we currently pay at the regular grocery stores, but it was the staff that sold me.

When I say these people care about more than just making money, I mean it.  They give back so much to their communities and I to see the passion in their eyes today as they shared their personal experiences.  At one point, things got a little emotional when the subject of autism and special needs children came up.  I'm super excited to be partnering with them.

I'm grateful that I attended the CRUSH Academy webnar hosted by Lamar Tyler co-founder of Black and Married With Kids.  He kept it all the way real about how it is possible to make six figures blogging and being an entrepreneur.  His best quote of the night was, "You can't be part-time hustling expecting full-time results!"  You have to put in the long hours if you want your business to flourish.

I'm thankful that JJ is now starting to be able to not only identify his numbers, but he's able to actually look at two of something and count that it's two.  He has his colors down. So, we've just been working on shapes, numbers and ABCs as well as using his words in a sentence or small phrase.

The Nature Sounds with Music station on Pandora has been a god-send because it helps to lull the kiddies to sleep.  JJ falls right out usually by the end of the second or third song.  Sometimes, I have to battle not to fall out with him.

This week I'm most grateful that our new washer was delivered on Monday!!  Y'all we had been without a washer since the week of Halloween and it took forever for it to get here because it shipped from Canada.   Talk about somebody doing a praise dance, I gave God all the praise.  With the way sick germs float around here and Moo wearing uniforms, a washer in the house is needed.

Plus, we had been going all the way to a laundromat when we have a laundry room at our apartment clubhouse.  Neither I nor the Mr realized that until today.  Talk about a face-palm moment.  And it's cheaper.  Y'all we were passing right by it everyday and I've even seen people carrying clothes in there, but it just didn't click.  Mommy brain is real and the Mr's brain is exhausted from his job.

Lastly, I'm grateful that I found a really cool editing software for my vlog videos.  The good news is that it's free and has been highly recommended by a few YouTubers.  The bad news is that my computer may not have enough space for me to download it.  I've been watching the tutorials on their website so that I will know how to use it.  I've also been transferring files from my computer to make space for it.

I know I just got a new laptop for my wedding anniversary, but I think that next year I'm going to invest in a MAC.  I hate to leave Dell and HP behind, but I keep hearing that MACs have better storage space and can handle a lot more usage.  I stay on my computer quite a bit and need something that can keep up.  So, every dime I make from here on will be going into savings because MACs are also not cheap.

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. LOL The Hubs and I once watched an entire movie with subtitles, at the end we found out there was an English version on the same DVD. I understand.

    This week I'm thankful that The Hubs will be home tomorrow. So happy.

  2. I hear great things about a MAC. Maybe one day. :) Your son sounds like he's really coming along. It reminds me of my son and his progress with learning. I have not uploaded a youtube video in a while. I probably need to look into more things like that software if I ever do. We love Sam's Club. It's another wholesale place like BJ's.

  3. So many things to be grateful glad that JJ is coming along...isn't great when they learn something new?!?

  4. I agree about BJs - we did a price comparison spreadsheet and found on certain items like meat, cereal, pasta and frozen veggies it definitely makes sense to shop at BJs! Also that webinar was great! I was off and on it but definitely got some great advice. Oh and lastly, I agree Mac's are great! I switched from a Dell to a Mac Book Air and while it's been a steep learning curve (a lot is hidden on a Mac and I liken it to an iceberg), I'm glad I made the switch. I had a Dell for years and it brought me so much frustration (including a crashed hard drive after I had just sent it to the manufacturer for repair O_o).