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Thankful Thursday and Merry Christmas

Happy Thankful Thursday and Merry Christmas YUMMS!  I'm super thankful that my family and I were able to celebrate Jesus' birthday together again for another year.  These past few years the holidays have always been a hard time for me due to missing loved ones who have either passed away or live too far away for us to be with them.  This year wasn't bad.  I've been praying to God for peace and to keep me covered with calmness. 

I still missed my loved ones, but I wasn't depressed about this year.  I'm also thankful that Moo remembered the true meaning of Christmas.  We had to do some last minute gift shopping yesterday and she keep repeating that Christmas isn't about the gifts, but celebrating Jesus and being with family.  I couldn't be more proud of that little girl if I tried!  

Both she and JJ LOVED their gifts!  The Mr was responsible for the big gifts and I got a few stocking stuffers.  He did really good.  Just shows that he's listening and paying attention to the kids and hearing them when they him what they like.  I had wrapped a few of the gifts and then he had snuck out and purchased a few more that I didn't know about.

The Mr really loved his gifts this year as well!  It's always hard shopping for him because there are only so many things that he's into.  That limits my choices and getting him a gift card just seems so impersonal.  So, I'm thankful that the kids and I were right on the money with what we got for him.  I think I'm going to have him give me a list of gifts that he would want either for our anniversaries, Christmas and his birthday that we haven't purchased for him already.

JJ's rash is finally going away!  Praises to God because my poor baby has scratched and scratched for so long.  Like seriously, we're scheduling a trip to the dermatologist to get a better assessment about what we can do to better treat these outbreaks as well as what we can use to help reduce some of the scarring he now has from scratching the skin off certain areas of his body.  I'm hoping we have less breakouts in 2015.

Overall, I'm just feeling blessed and not because of material things.  I feel like so much is lining up, so many prayers are being answered and more things are being made clear to me. I'm super excited to see what 2015 holds.  From my family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Glad to hear your Christmas was well. I'm glad it's over and I am more than ready to see what 2015 has in store.