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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday!  This week has been awesome and I'm kind of sad to see it coming to close.  We started off with a visit from my mom, niece and baby sister.  It's always nice to see them since, I haven't had time to make it home in ages.

My mom brought the kids some Thanksgiving crafts.  They had a blast putting them together.  Then we went to dinner at our new favorite Chinese restaurant.  Sadly, JJ ended up having an allergic to reaction to some popcorn he had eaten before we got to the restaurant.  Dinner was cute short, but I'm still grateful that we got to enjoy some family time.

I'm most thankful this week that my baby sister has been staying with us.  I've talked about her a million times here on the blog.   I stumbled across this quote that I think does a great job of summarizing how I feel about her.

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I've been so grateful to have her here and I'm more than a little bit sad that she's going back home.  The kids have enjoyed this extra bonding time as well.  And while she's been here, she's been such a great help.  She's cooked, cleaned, and even did storytime with the kids.

I'm not going to lie, it's been nice not having to do it all alone.  The Mr works pretty 24/7 it seems.  Therefore, taking care of the kids and house falls on me.  It gets draining at time to always be the one juggling everything.  If had an extra set of arms that stretched, two extra hours of sleep, a second car, and unlimited supply of ice cream, Twizzlers and Slim Jims, I'd be good to go.

Sisters are a lifesaver.  A life line sent from God to be with you in the good times and the bad times.  My baby sister and I have definitely had a few fallout moments, but by the end of the day all is right again.   It is my hope that Moo, JJ and all my future children will have a bond this strong.  I'm thankful that my sister and I are able to set such a great example for them to follow.

I know you all have noticed that I haven't been here this week.  It's not because I didn't want to be, but because our internet has been out.  Someone in our apartment building has been trying to rig the box on the building to get FREE internet and cable.  Time Warner has been out here literally everyday since Sunday because other residents have had the same issues.

Why people feel the need to steal services they aren't paying for, I will never understand.  There's a library with FREE wifi right around the corner.  Why not spend your day there and do all of your social media and internet digging during their open hours?  This entitlement complex people have, thinking that they are entitled to my PAID internet and cable has got to go.

Best believe that if I see who's doing it, I'm calling the police.  What they are doing is illegal and also getting in the way of my business.  So, today I'll be spending time catching up some work that was supposed to have been done.  I'm so ready to become a homeowner and this is just another push to speed up the process.

Lastly, I'm thankful that my uncle is in stable condition.  He got sick and had to be hospitalized.  The doctors are unsure if he had a heart attack or not because tests came back inconclusive.  They're working on getting his blood pressure down to a more manageable level.  It was also found that his heart murmur is making his heart work double-duty.  So, they're working on fixing that.

I know first hand after the death of my Ma (my aunt) that anything can happen.  You can be stable one minute and fighting for your life the next.  So, I'm asking that y'all keep him in your prayers and thoughts.  We'd be very appreciative.

What are you giving thanks for this week?

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