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What It Do September?

What it do September?  What it do?  I can hardly believe that we're just a mere 22 days out from the first day of Fall!  Summer it's been nice chilaxin' with you, but I'm ready for cooler weather and to be able to light my fireplace.  In a little over 120 days this year will be coming to close.  Where has the time gone?

Regardless, of how much time we have left in 2014, I am committed to making the most of it by knocking out some more goals.  My goals for the month of September are:

1 - Be Extra Active At Moo's School:  After what happened on her first day of school and then the whole #JusticeForAvaLynn bullying incident (Google it), I will be making extra appearances at Moo's school just to make sure that everything is going as it should.  While Moo's first week ended on a high note and she's been talking about school nonstop this entire Labor Day weekend, I still want to see with my own eyes what's going on in her classroom and how her teacher interacts with students.  Also, I'll be putting my bid in for a few leadership roles. 

2 - Be More Active On My Author/Writing Blog:  Did you know I have a second blog?  Well, I do and I have been neglecting it badly.  My goal for this month is to post a few book reviews, author interviews, and teasers for my novel, Forever Branded.  I'm even thinking about hosting a cover reveal this month.  Now, that I have a little bit more down time during the day, I'm going to use that extra time to finish my books as well as really focus and work on building K. Elizabeth the author as a brand.

3 - Get Back On My Couponing Game:  I fell off my couponing wagon and it shows.  I've blown the dust off my couponing notebook (probably need to buy a new one) and I'm ready to start building the stockpile.   Nothing crazy because we do live in an apartment, but just enough that I'm not making multiple trips to the stores every week.  Plus, since we're back house hunting, every penny we can save will go into increasing our down payment fund or towards our fund for miscellaneous expenses.

4 - Blog More Here:  I sucked at blogging here on YUMMommy last month.  There's no other way to put it.  Overall, I haven't been blogging much this entire year.  That's crazy because I have notebooks with posts that I wrote out but never got around to typing and actually publishing on here.  I'm determined to finish this year out on a high note though.

5 - Vlog More:  I didn't complete VEDA/Vlogust due to issues my computer and having a hard time getting my video files to upload to YouTube, but I'm going to be getting a new laptop as well as a desktop soon.  So, be on the lookout for some new vlogs on my channel.  I'd also like to do some Live Google Hangouts.  Maybe, something kind of hot topics style.  I'm also going to be getting active in the BookTube community for my author/wirting channel which I should have up and running pretty soon.

6 - Write My PenPal Twice:  In case you missed it from my Thankful Thursday post the week before last, I have a penpal now!  I love letter writing and can't wait to ship off my first letter.  Then, I'll write her again the end of the month because I will have received her first letter to me and I'm sure it'll have some questions in it.  Anyways, I'm looking forward to bonding with her.

7 - Exercise:  My family came up to visit Saturday and I was so excited when my baby sister noticed that I'd lost weight!  My workouts and watching my eating are paying off.  I'm back to being able to shop for tops in the kids section.  Judge me if you want to, but I could care less.  They make the cutest and most colorful tops for kids for a fraction of the price of the adult version.  Just this past Saturday, I picked up a cute neon pink tank with sequins for $2.50 at Target from the kids' section.  Similar tank in the adults' section was on clearance was $2 more.

8 - Do One DIY/Craft Project:  I already have a craft project in mind and just need to pick up two more supplies and then I'll be ready to get started on my project!  I'm hoping it will come out great.  Either way, I'll be posting it here on the blog most likely the end of next week.

What are you goals for this month?  Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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  1. Stay at that school. I love my kids school because I can pop up which is one reason I made sure to get on the pto board last year so they can know my face. Two blogs I tried it could not keep up good luck with it

    1. I'm definitely hopping on a committee or too, plus, I'm signing up to volunteer in the main office and library. Although, the second week went okay, I still think it's important for me to be very active and make sure my face seen often at her school.

  2. good luck on your goals this month..love that you want to participate more at your son's school and had no idea you have a second blog...need to go explore!!