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Thankful Thursday

I have come to realize and make peace with the fact that until Moo's immune system gets a little bit stronger, there's going to be some kind of cold germ circulating around our household.  Literally, the day JJ and I start feeling better, she comes down with a cold that has been really kicking her butt.  I'm grateful that she's been a trooper though.  Her being sick a lot was one of the things that I worried about with her starting school.  Thankfully, while we have had some sleepless nights, we've managed to still make it to school on time this.

I'm also thankful that the Mr is a bit of a night owl on his days off.   JJ decided to have a 4 AM party and I was beyond exhausted from having stayed up late with the Moo that night and the last couple of nights.  So, the Mr was kind of enough to entertain JJ for two hours.  I felt like those were the best two hours of sleep ever.

A few weeks ago, Moo had expressed that she was feeling a bit left out.  Having a special needs child is demanding, but I never want her to feel like she's any less loved or any less important to me.  So, in the afternoons when I pick her up from school, we have Mommy and Moo time.  I'm thankful for that opportunity to be able to give her one on one time with just me.  And today, we went shopping and she had a blast.  I even let her get a special treat.

I'm thankful that it is now officially Fall!  It's starting to look so colorful like a leaf wonderland out with all the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees.  It actually got cool enough last night to turn the heat on for a little while.  I'm excited to light up the fireplace and camp out in the living room with the kiddies.

That start of Fall also brings the beginning of the holiday season.  I did my first bit of Christmas shopping last week.  I'm super excited because Moo will soon be experiencing her first school holiday party!!

Lastly, I'm thankful that I got to hang out with some awesome bloggers this week and get out of the house for a little adult time at a tasting event.  Be on the look out for my recap post tomorrow.

What's on your gratitude list this week?

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  1. You always inspire me to do these Thankful Thursday posts. I definitely need to get back into the habit of doing that. Did you create that? If so, you should think of doing some kind of Thankful Thursday link up? Hmm.

    Sorry that your you've all been under the weather, especially the kids. I can definitely relate, I feel like we've all been passing around the same damn cold since July.

    Mommy & daughter time is always important, especially when there are multiple children in the house. I'm sure Moo was loving every minute of it! This reminds me that I definitely need to carve out some time to dedicate to my oldest, just her and I sometimes.

    You go ahead and be thankful for fall though. I will be over here crying about it. Cause that means winter and blizzards are to follow LOL.

    BTW, I don't know if I mentioned this to you before, but I made my blog 'invited readers only' for now until I get over my fear of my stuff being so "out there" on the web. If you don't mind, I'd love to add you to my readers cause you are one of my faves on here. If so, just send me your e-mail addy (I am guessing the one you use for the blog?) so that you can see my blog when you're logged in. I'm not 100% sure how it works honestly. I need to learn how to use wordpress so I can simply have protected entries LOL.

    Take care XOXO ♥