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VEDA/Vlogust Anyone?

Earlier this year, I decided to expand beyond blogging and try my hand at vlogging.  I thought it would be a great way to expand the YUMMommy brand as well as a great way to connect better others.  Another reason, I started vlogging is that it's a great alternative to sponsored post.  Pictures are nice, but for some products like electronics, toys or kitchen appliances, a video works better because viewers can actually see the product in action.

Anyways, I've been connecting with some other vloggers (some mommy vloggers, some lifestyle vloggers) through different Facebook groups.  I saw a few of them talking about VEDA and others talking about Vlogust.  Being the newbie that I am, I totally thought these some kind of conference or meetup.  However, I later found out that VEDA is an acronym for Vlog Every Day in August/April.  Vlogust is a mashup of Vlog and August and the concept is the same.  So, what better way to further immerse myself in the vlogging community than to give VEDA/Vlogust a try?  Can't hurt right?

Now that I've pretty much decided to give this a go, I'm feeling excited and anxious.  What happens if I miss a day vlogging?  Will I feel like a total failure?  Do I even have that much to talk about for 30 days straight?  Does pre-filming and scheduling vlogs still count as vlogging every day?

There are so many questions jumping around in my head now that we're two days out from the start date.  At the end of the day though, I'm going to give VEDA/Vlogust my best shot.  This is going to be a great challenge and an even better way to connect with y'all as well as other vloggers.  Who knows I might even turn this into a BEDA/Blogust challenge as well!  

Do you vlog?  Are you doing VEDA/Vlogust 2014?

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  1. I was just planning to start vlogging again! I have one planned for tomorrow!

    1. You should totally do VEDA too! Can't to watch the vlog tomorrow.

  2. I never did it I tried one time but the camera and the lighting never matched up in my house so I gave up. I think it's nice though to do it. If I ever do it I may try it in my newsletters.