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Thankful Thursday

It's Thankful Thursday YUMMs!  I'm starting today off thankful that our air conditioner is fixed.  It went out over the July 4th weekend and oh my goodness was hot it.  Thankfully, the apartment people were on it and got us back up and running in a reasonable amount of time.  They also provided us with a portable air conditioner to help keep us cool as well.

While I'm on the topic of repairs, I'm also thankful that the floor in our kitchen is finally repaired as well.  When we moved in that was pretty much the only thing that need to be fixed.  So, this morning a small floor crew came and fixed the large soft spot we had.  They even took up the flooring in one of the bathrooms and replaced it as well.  After our two disaster rentals it feels great to have a property management team that gets on repairs in a timely manner.  We've been pretty much stress-free since our move and I don't take that for granted at all.  Environment is everything sometimes.

I'm also thankful that JJ has been trying to add new words to his vocabulary.  Although, we are having an issue with his speech therapist (I'll go into detail about that in a separate post), for the most part I'm continuing to see small changes in him.  We've made more progress with potty training.

My trip to New Orleans got cancelled as I mentioned a few posts back, but another door for a trip opened up later on this year and I'm super excited.  I'm thankful to my friends who reminded me that not being able to attend the Essence Fest trip wasn't the end of the world and that God had another door He was going to open up.  I'm grateful to have friends who remind me to stop sulking and trust God when it seems like my faith is wavering a bit.

Lastly, I'm thankful that my baby sister has finally launched her blog and brand Chatting With Cat!  I'm super excited for her as this is a new chapter in her life and I know it will only bring great things.  For a while now she's been too nervous to get into blogging and writing period despite really wanting to.  I'm glad she took the leap and hit publish on her first post (check it out here).  You can also follow her on Twitter (@ChattingWithCat)!

What can you expect from her blog?  Well, she's very opinionated, especially on social issues.  She loves to cook and I know for a fact there will be some recipe posts.  I can definitely see her posting about fashion here and there.  I'm sure they'll be tons of personal/self-reflection posts.  My sister is a very creative person and she writes beautifully once she gets out of her head.  So, I'm excited to see where this will take her and hope that you all with show her some support as well.

What are you giving thanks for today?

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  1. I would probably die a little if I didn't have a/c. So glad yours is fixed!
    Congrats to your sister on her new blog. I'll have to stop by and send her some new blogger love!

  2. I'm happy your got your air back!!! I'll head over to your sister's blog now!!

  3. Awe thanks Kerry! I'm just thankful I have your support and guidance.

  4. I'm glad you got your air fixed. We had to deal with that issue a month ago, it was HORRIBLE, but thankfully fixable. How wonderful that JJ is adding to his vocabulary!! He's got this! I hope things are getting better with his therapist…
    Congrats to your sister on her new blog!
    All the best, my friend