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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday YUMMs!  I'm very late getting up this week's Thankful Thursday post, but for good reason.  We've been spending some much need time as a family (including the Mr) and that is the thing that I am most thankful for this week.  We all slept in kind of late thanks to the Mr waking up JJ by taking the loudest shower ever.  Of course, JJ is like me and gets very cranky when his sleep is interrupted.  So, he woke in kind the the fit of crying rage.

I had managed to get him settled and then the Mr came out of the bathroom talking loudly and JJ woke up again.  Long story short it was a long night.  Anyways, once everyone woke up in better spirits, we decided to make a dash for the pool before anyone else could take it over.  The kids were too excited that we were finally going to go.  I kind of wish we had a camera crew to have captured the moment.

The smiles of pure joy and delight that lit up their faces was priceless.  At first, my little man was not a fan of the water when we got in.  But then he adjusted and didn't want to leave.  Moo was the complete opposite.  She was a big fan of the water until we actually got in and then all she wanted to do was hold down the steps.  She was not sad in the least when it was time to go.  All in all, I'm thankful we had a good time.  We all got tans too considering we stayed in the pool for almost two hours.

I'm thankful Netflix.  I've been overdosing on all the awesome BBC America crime shows.  Like why didn't anyone tell me about Luther with Idris Elba?  I just got hooked on it and just like that it's over.  They aren't making anymore seasons, which I figured since it was just designed to be a miniseries with about 4 to 5 episodes for each season.   I did see that they're supposedly working on a movie though so that fans get one last fix.

I've also fallen in love with a show called The Fall featuring Gillian Anderson formerly of The X Files.  Love her!  I'm hoping it got picked up for a season two.  I'll have to search and find out.  Anyways, it's been nice to have some great tv shows to keep me company as I continue to finish up my books.

Speaking of books, I'm thankful that the ideas have been steadily flowing.  With the move and everything, I was starting to get writer's block and anxiety about Forever Branded and LBB.  Now, Forever Branded is well over 100 pages typed and I still have pages that I've written by hand to type up.  As much as, I love LBB, Forever Branded is definitely the story that I connect with most emotionally.  The characters' struggles and pains just feel so real to me and I just hope when it's published that I will have done a great job at portraying that to the readers.

I'm also thankful that I'm not as anxious about the kids starting school, especially JJ.  I've been praying a lot and just focusing on the good things like them making new friends, all the cool parties they'll have, getting to be class mom, etc.  My attitude rubs off on them and so I have to be positive and optimistic about this new journey they are about to embark on.

I'm thankful that a new travel opportunity opened up for almost immediately after we found out we couldn't go to New Orleans because of the Mr's job.  I'll be posting more on that later, but it looks like our family vacation will be happening the end of this year.  I'm excited because this will also be a trip that will that help me as a blogger and mom.  A little business, a little pleasure.

What are you giving thanks for this week?

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  1. I love this post. Making it a point to be thankful for all the latest things every week. That's a great idea.