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Changes To Come

Cheers to it almost being the weekend!  In case you haven't read my last few blog posts, I'm in the mist of writing my second novel, LBB, because it is up for option with Harlequin.  And speaking of Harlequin, they just got purchased by HarperCollins.  So, as you can imagine this has been both an exciting and nerve wrecking experience thus far.  

I still have mt first novel, Forever Branded in the works as well.  It's kind of on the back burner since it's not up for option yet. I'm waiting to see how LBB turns out and before I make any decisions about whether to keep moving with self publishing Forever Branded or shopping it around to some publishers.  It's not exactly the right fit for any of the Harlequin lines right now.  Although, it's a romance, it has some heavy subject matter in it.  And I'm not one to be edited or have my writing voice changed.  Being true to myself, my characters and the telling of their stories is very important to me.

Also, we're finally in the packing the stages and getting ready to move.  Y'all I'm so excited to be moving a place with a dishwasher, legit maintenance men and closer to Target again!  It's the simple things that make the biggest difference.  We'll have 2 bathrooms!  A fireplace and it's near the church we had started going to and fell in love with as well as our favorite library.  Moo gets to be reunited with her bff and it's in the same neighborhood as their school.

Yes, I said their.  I had a meeting today about JJ's evaluation results.  No autism!  He'll get re-evaluated in 2016 though if we don't see any progress or if we see any regression or behavioral issues consistent with autism.  We decided that he'll be going to preschool for three year olds three days a week starting this August.  As it stands, he and Moo will be going to the same school.  Of course, with all the school changes still not finalized here, they told me that could change.

He's getting a new private therapist to work with him on the two days he'll be home.  I'm requesting a male just because he's starting to hit that aggressive boy stage where all he wants to do is wrestle and rough play.  I feel like a male therapist will be more equipped to handle that as well as provide some advice in what I can do to tone it down.  Who knows boys better than other men who have been boys?

My husband was pretty much left to do as he pleased. So, he's a little lost when it comes to dealing with the how to tone it down aspect.  In fact, he's probably a little at fault for this situation because he wrestles with JJ often and I told him that for now no more wrestling until JJ can understand the difference between a playful hit and a full force hit.  It's all the same to him when he's doing it at the moment and he doesn't know that he's hit too hard until it's too late.

I'm also gearing up for my Chick-fil-A Moms special event tomorrow for Mom's Night Out!  I'm excited to be meeting up with some new and old faces from around my area.  I'm participating in the 21 Days Challenge with Listerine.  I've partnered with Red Robin to help raise awareness about food allergies specifically and look forward sharing my post with you guys on Friday.  There are a few other things in the works.

So, my plate is very full to say the least.  Therefore, I've been thinking that it maybe time to make a change here on YUMMommy and take a small blogging break.  I don't want to stretch myself thin or risk giving myself writer's block before I finish my books.  That would not be a good look.

I'm thinking that maybe, I'll just still do my Thankful Thursday posts and finish out all of my sponsored posts for this month and then for rest of May and June just do that one weekly post.  I'd come back in July for another series of posts related to the trip that we are taking and then probably go back to just doing Thankful Thursday until August.  Nothing is set in stone yet, but it's been quiet on the blog and it's just because I have a lot going on.

Just hang in here and I'll still be around, but not as much.  You'll still be able to find me on all of my social media accounts.  They're in the sidebar to the right.  So, make sure you follow me if you're not.  I'll also be doing more videos on YouTube now that my camera battery, charger and tripod all came in the mail last week.  And of course, I'll be documenting my writing journey, doing book review and author interviews over on my author/writing blog!

So, again the changes that coming will be less of me here, more of me on my other blog and YouTube.  I hope that once the dust settles, I'll have two books to promote, book signing events to attend and meet all my readers and even greater news to share about JJ's progress!  Thank you to everyone who's been so loyal about showing me love and support.  I am eternally grateful and I love you guys!!

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  1. So glad everything checked out well and love that you will be moving and have a nicer place. Take a break and come back better with a new perspective on things.

  2. Awe! That's so amazing with everything going on for you! Yes, your plate is stuffed full, but all of these are good things (except for you not blogging as much). I'm really happy to hear that JJ doesn't have autism! That is fantastic news!

    You are so blessed with opportunities. I cannot wait to watch you grow even more! :)

  3. Sending lots of love your way! You do have a lot going on, but I am praying for your peace of mind as you move through it all. Moving closer to Target AND church! Sounds like a winner to me. And glad to hear that JJ doesn't have autism, praying that you are able to make some progress as it relates to his behavioral issues. My son has had some challenges and is seeing a therapist. Just take it day by day! And congratulations on the novels!! So exciting!