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Thankful Thursday

It's feels like this week is going by slower than last week.  I'm not complaining either.  I'm actually thankful that the days and time seem to be slowing down because guess what?  My little man turns 3 next month!  He's trying to be so independent and it's just a little bit overwhelming.  Anyways, no clue as to what we're going to do for his special day yet.

We've made the choice to switch JJ's speech therapist.  While his current therapist is good and he's gotten used to her, I feel like he could better benefit from the resources and therapy offered through the school system.  Not only would we have access to a speech therapist if we go through their program, but behavioral therapist, a psychologist and special education teachers as well.  I just couldn't pass up those resources for him.  

Anyways, we had our first meeting with two of the teachers who will be involved in his upcoming re-evaluation and screening in two weeks and it went really well.  I'm very thankful for that because I wasn't sure how the meeting was going to go or how JJ was going to do.  But he did well and so did Moo.  Our caseworker was able to make it and so was the Mr.  They showed us the mock preschool classroom that he would be getting evaluated in and went over what all it would entitle. 

I have a good feeling about this transition.  I did warn them that whoever his therapist will be that they will need to know right off bat that he takes a long while to get used to new adults.  So, he/she will need to be patient and give him his space for the first month at least.    I'm also looking to connect with other moms with kids his age because there is probably a good chance some of them will end up in his preschool class when he starts next year.  Plus, it'll be great for the Mr and I to have other couples to talk and vent to.

I'm also thankful that things are still going well with my book and I looking forward to having it published by next month.  I'm thankful that Moo is being even  more of a big helper.  She's been volunteering to do things like sweeping and helping with the laundry.  I think that she knows that I get overwhelmed more often than I need to.  She told me that other day that we needed a butler so that I could have a day off.  It made me smile that she's so concerned about me running myself ragged.

I'm thankful that we're closer to being debt free!  It's such a rush when you see your debt number decreasing and decreasing.  We're looking forward the even bigger doors that having financial freedom will open up for us.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Yay for being nearly debt-free! Isn't it a great feeling to see those numbers go down each month? Also, I'm glad that things are going well for your kids! :)