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Surprises & Winners

I want to start this post off by thanking everyone who entered my giveaway for the animated movie, The Nut Job!  It's really a good movie for those of us who have young kids and who enjoy family movies without all the adult content.  It is came out yesterday on DVD and Blu-ray.  So, I had originally planned on giving away just one copy and thought it would be just the plan DVD, but I woke up to the best surprise Tuesday morning.

Guess what it was?  It was news that I would have two more copies to giveaway any way that I wanted.  So, I decided hey why not pick another winner from the Rafflecopter entries and then I decided to giveaway a third copy to a deserving family that I know.  And guess what else?  It's just the DVD copy, but all three winners will be getting the DVD & Blu-ray combo pack that also includes a code for a free download to your smartphone, computer and tablet!  

I love it when my surprises trickle down to my blog readers.  You guys are the best and continue to support me day in and day out.  I don't giveaways often, but when I do I look at it as my way of saying thanks for reading my review post.  And I'm thankful to the companies who are gracious enough to provide free product for you guys when I ask.  Yes, I'm thankful for them giving me free products, but I always like to ask if they can chip in something for my readers since their main intention is for you all to gain awareness about their product/service by reading about my experience here on YUMMommy. 

Also, I don't want y'all to just take my word for it.  I like to give you the opportunity to try out the product/service and see how you like it for yourself when I have the opportunity to do so.  So, thank y'all for entering and don't forget that I have another giveaway going for The Little Rascals Save The Day!  

Be sure to enter it.  I'm not sure if they will surprise me with extra copies of that one, but you never know.  I got another AWESOME surprise today, but I will save all the details for tomorrow's Thankful Thursday post.  Just know it involves traveling and one of my favorite brands!  Also, another surprise that is on the not so good end is that my friend from Life of Rylie...and Bryce too has had to make her blog private due to a safety issue involving her family.

I feel so awful that there are some people in this world who would threaten the lives and safety of other bloggers and their families.  But by no means, do we have the right to stalk, send threats or violate others.  I will miss her because I had been following her blog for a while before we got to meet in person at my first blog conference.

Keep her in prayer and pray for the other party or parties who are behind this nonsense.  It's situations like this that have made me take pause and caution about sharing photos of Moo and JJ and while I did say that I was going to be revealing their real names soon, I've started to rethink that as well.  However, I will continue to share about our journey as a family and remain as transparent and honest as I've always been.

I've read about bloggers who have had similar issues, but I didn't know them or I wasn't reading their blogs.  This hit home for me because this time it is someone I know and a blogger I've been following and supporting for years.  The good news here that they are okay.  Who knows, she maybe back blogging a year or so from now depending on the situation and how she feels.

Anyways, look below to see if you were one of the blog winners for The Nut Job! 

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