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April Goals And To-Do List


Happy April!  I know that I have been scarce around here as of late, but that's because between trying to spend more quality time with the Mr and the kiddies, writing my novel, trying to do reviews and other stuff, I have just felt slightly overwhelmed.  But I'm back and I'll definitely be more present this month.   I've been looking back over my New Year's resolution/vision board/goals and I've decided to set monthly mini goals to help me stay on track with reaching my main goals.  Let's get in to it!

April Goals & To-Do List

  • Get A Pet:  Moo has been talking my head off about getting a pet!  Seriously, if I have to hear the word pet one more time, I might need to start doing shots of the hard stuff.  She asks at least twice a day.  I think last month she missed two days of asking.  If anything, my baby girl is persistent!  She wants a poodle but I definitely don't see that in her future.  Her second choice is a hamster and my choice is a gold fish.   We'll see which one we end up with.

  • Family Outing:  Well, I put on my list of resolutions and goals that I wanted us to do/attend two family outings/events and we have.  We went to the ImaginOn, which counts as a family outing because the Mr tagged along and we don't go there often, and we went to a private screening of Disney's The Pirate Fairy this past Saturday! Review coming up on that.  But I'd love to attend and have one more family outing with the Mr in attendance.  Moo has requested a family picnic.

  • Send Cards/Letters:  Obviously, if I haven't had time to blog, I haven't really had time to be on social media or my phone either.  With Easter coming up, it's the perfect excuse to buy some cute stationery and cards to send out to my friends and catch them up on what's been going on with the family!

  • Publish Novel:  I'm really cracking the whip on myself to get Forever Branded by the end of this month.  I think I had started to get writer's fright (kinda like stage fright for actors) and took a few days off from working on it.  I'm back though and it's chugging along.  I have the ending halfway written out, a few chapters in the middle done and the beginning.  Now, I'm just filling in and connecting the dots.  No, I don't write in chronological order.  My mind just doesn't work that way when it comes to writing fiction.

  • Exercise:  I have really been slacking on this, but I'm determined to get my body more toned.  I don't need to drop anymore pounds because even the new pants that I got for Christmas are a little loose on me now.  Plus, the Mr has been getting on me because he thinks I'm going to end up looking like a skeleton.  I'm going to be honest and say that I wouldn't mind being back in a size 4 from my early college days but I'm going to be content with my size 7/6.  I've worked hard to get here (I was a size 18/16) and now I just need to exercise to maintain it.

  • Vlog:  I have about three videos that I need to film, lightly edit and upload.  I'm thinking about taking a stab at daily vlogging for a week but idk about that.  We're still not comfortable with the kids being on YouTube, especially since Moo refuses to go by her nickname in person anymore and she prefers to call her brother by his first name.  I'm not ready to reveal their real names just yet.  I am planning on doing it, but you'll have to wait to see how I do it and when.  Feel free to leave your guesses at to what you think their first names are in the comments.  Hint:  JJ's first name doesn't start with a J!

  • Finish Blankets:  I'm crocheting a few blankets for a few different people right now and I need to finish them up and ship them off.  I'll be posting pictures and maybe even doing some crochet vlogs.  I hear so many people talk about how hard crocheting is but honestly it's not.  I taught myself as a teenager using a book.  

  • Get More Active On Author Blog:  Yes, I have an author/writing blog!  Check it out here.  I'm really looking to publishing a few books and I want to build up my readership and share more about my journey and process.  You'd be amazed at how easy people think writing a book is.  Fiction is really hard to write because you're not stating facts but relying on your imagination.  You battle with wondering if your imagination is good enough to create a story not that others will love necessarily but that YOU will love.  There's nothing like writing 40-80,000 words only to get to the end and realize you hate your own work.  

  • Experiment With More Hairstyles:  I'm still Team Natural.  And I have been ditching the ponytail, but the issue now is that I've become obsessed with milk braids.  I wear them all the time.  It's time to switch it up.  I think that I'm going to try out some crochet braids or get a good silk wrap and just wear my hair down for a week or two.  We'll see.

What are your goals for April?

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  1. I have a new youtube channel and I am trying to find a way to bring Kokoa to the forefront with it with so I am going to be joining you with that vlog. I need to exercise myself I don't have any motivation for it at all. A pet.....nope I can't do it lol

  2. All your goals are excellent and it's so exciting about completing your novel. I want that to be my focus this summer!!!

  3. These are great goals Yay for almost finishing the book! I'm working on something now and I think I'm over thinking it so I'm stepping back a little too...I really want a dog and I think it's rubbing off on Chunks lol I loved growing up with my dogs and it gave me real responsibility early. GOOD LUCK!

  4. I have a goal to pass all of my classes with at least a B. My head just hasn't been in it this semester, so B's would be a blessing, honestly.

    I'd also like to get at least halfway through the book I'm working on, but that's not a firm goal.

    Lastly, I'd like to be 10lbs lighter by the end of this month. That may be pushing it, but we'll see!

  5. I think a pet would be great for JJ too. I would seriously consider it

  6. Goals....
    I have a goal of starting to blog again. LOL and restarting my 365. I miss writing and sharing. And I want to starting Vlogging again too.
    Pookah wants a dog. But I don't know....
    I would also like to loose 6 pounds by the end of the month. Slow and steady wins the race right?
    Congrats on loosing so much weight! You go girl!
    Yay on almost finishing the book!

  7. You can do it! My goals are to create quality content on two blogs, promote my recently published book, and enjoy the Spring time with my 5 year old! Simple, right? Lol.