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Thankful Thursday

"Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly."

-Langston Hughes

Happy Thankful Thursday folks.  I am definitely thankful for being able to hold fast to my dreams!  It's only March, but I feel like I've seen so many people talking about how they've thrown in the towel on a dream or a goal they had coming into the 2014.  It's sad when you see someone who's giving up, especially when you know that they can make if they just keep trying.

We all go through difficult seasons in our lives.  We all have those moments where nothing ever goes right.  Something is always happening.  Maybe, you finally get out the house on time to make it church and get there only to discover the service time has been changed or whatever.  But does that mean you should give up on trying to make it to church?  No!  

I feel the same way about our dreams.  I mentioned last week, how I pretty much started over from scratch with my novel.  Sure, I had a moment during my writer's craziness where I wanted to say, "Screw trying to write this book."  I was so frustrated that I was having such a hard time doing something I've always loved- writing and creating.  Nothing was going right and the thoughts had stopped flowing.

Once my panic subsided, I gave myself a mental pep talk.  I wasn't throwing in the towel.  Quitters never prosper and y'all know I'm all about prospering in every aspect of my life this year.  I refuse to be a 'broken-winged bird' walking around here moping when I could be soaring in the clouds with the others.  In that moment of putting my foot down towards myself, I knew inspiration was going to come and it did.  The book is coming a long again and that's what I've been working on during my spare time and when the internet is on the skitz.

I'm thankful that I'm able to encourage my children to pursue their dreams.  I'm thankful that as a mom, I am able to let my children be who they are.  For example, Moo is a free spirit and adventurer by nature.  I have no doubts that I picked the right name for her now.  And I do a good job at letting her be free and chase age appropriate adventures.  Now that doesn't mean I let her do what she wants 24/7 because I am still the parent.  I'm here for guidance and discipline and to set the right examples.  I do that, but I don't stifle her or break her spirit.

I'm thankful that every week I can see small improvements with JJ.  Just looking back on where we started with this speech therapy journey and what we have achieved now gives me so much hope and excitement.  I'm thankful for all of the resources that are out there for us to take advantage of.  I'm thankful that he's being such a champ through all of this.

I'm thankful for awesome friends who check in and see how I'm doing because we're too far away to talk in person and catch up face to face.  I'm very thankful that my missing packages finally started to trickle in.  I have two more that I'm waiting.  I tell y'all that snow storm really set things back and some areas are still getting snow and extreme cold temps.  I'm thankful that our snow didn't stick yesterday.

It's too soon to be snowed in again.  I'm ready for some warmer weather for sure.  C'mon Spring!

What are giving thanks for this week?

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  1. Sooo happy to know JJ is continuing to improve! I'm the same with my kids; letting them be who they are, supporting them with (almost) all their decisions unless it's definitely a bad one... haha! You're definitely doing it right! I'm hoping Spring is right around the corner now! Supposed to be nice this weekend! :)

    1. Thanks Kerri! It was nice this weekend surprisingly. Fingers crossed that the lovely weather is here to stay.

  2. WOW you are so positive. Good for you for giving yourself a pick me up talk and not beating yourself up about your novel. I think it's great you started over again, it means you now know where you want to take it, and maybe your idea now is more inline with you are are now, then your original idea.

    Only we can set our own goals and expectations and sometimes I think people forget that.

    1. I agree! We control our goals and expectations and I am definitely taking control of mine.