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Still Kicking

Happy Wednesday!  I know I've been missing around these parts since last Thursday, but rest assured we're still kicking. And yesterday as well as Monday, I had a really cool post on National Reading Month that I wanted to post,  but my internet was acting a straight fool!  I'm telling y'all, Time Warner is lucky that they are getting any of my money because our internet spends more time being down than up it seems.  The sad part about all of this is that we actually upgraded to a faster and stronger connection package.  I'm just confused...

"Mama, I wanna to be on YouTube!"  I kid y'all not, these were the words that were spoken to me two weeks ago by my five year old Moo.  She knows that I vlog now and watch vlogs on YouTube and she's insisting that she gets in on the action by being in one of my videos.  "I can help you," she told me while trying to con me with a smile.  I'm sorry to burst her hopes of becoming a YouTube sensation but for now the Mr and I have made a decision to not put the kids in my videos.

It took him a while to get comfortable with their pictures being up on the blog and Facebook.  He's very private.  And for me, I'm very protective of my children.  YouTube commentators are the worst.  They will talk trash for no reason and I don't play that about my children.  Say the wrong thing in regards to my children and forget having to worry about my husband coming for you, I hold my own!!  And yes, I'm still working on not being so quick to let people's ignorance when it comes to my children get me so fired up, but in the words of Steve Harvey, "He [Jesus] ain't through with me yet."  I'm still a work in progress in that area.

JJ has really been extra affectionate lately.  I told y'all that he was going through a stage where he was acting like he was too cool for kisses and hugs let alone to held.  However, he's singing a different tune now.  And I must say that I'm loving it!  If you're a parent then you know that getting affection from your children is better than EVERYTHING!!  I think now that maybe it was just from him being overwhelmed with therapy and he had to cope somehow.


I'm just glad that he no longer runs the other way when I ask for a hug or a kiss.  And he voluntarily climbs into my lap and we snuggle for hours.  It's the best feeling.  Moo joins in too. I can't tell y'all how much those moments make my heart swell.  Theses moments also help me to cope with my baby fever.  Like, I know I have a lot on my plate already, but I've been thinking about babies ever since before Thanksgiving when we had that pregnancy scare.

I know we set a date for when I would come off my birth control and we start trying for number 3, but honestly, I don't know if I can wait that long. Well, I can obviously, but I don't know if I want to.  However, this isn't a decision that is just up to me to make.  I know I could probably convince the Mr to get on board, but I don't feel like I wouldn't be doing the right thing for JJ.  He needs my undivided attention right now while continue to navigate through this therapy and get him to where he needs to be.

I would feel awful not being able to give him my all because I'm tired and on bed rest or running to OBGYN appointments.  So, I guess we're waiting until at least the end of this year and going from there.  And while I'm on the subject doctors and medical stuff, y'all I woke early this morning and noticed my eye was sore.

I was intending to get some water and go back to bed but when I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw that my left was swollen halfway shut, I about had a fit!  I haven't had a stye in years.  I'm talking about since I was 10.  I spend most of the morning with it covered up so that I wouldn't touch it and make it worst.  Moo told that I looked like pirate.   Way to help the situation.  Thankfully though it's gone down, but every time I bend down to pick up something this thing hurts something awful.

So, send up prayers and keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't get worst or spread to the other eye!  I have two vlogs I need to film and I don't want to be looking like a one-eyed Jane doing it either.

How would you feel about putting your children in your vlog videos?  Any advice on coping with baby fever?

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  1. I know all about that awful internet struggle. Our router has to be reset at least twice a day. It wouldn't be so bad if you I weren't in the middle of something every time it decides to go down. We have Charter and I am looking to switch but to be honest sometimes you just pick the less of two evils in this market of no customer service.

    1. I am so over this everyday battle with TWC. It's just crazy that we spend more time with no internet than we do with internet. And yes, that no customer service kills me. SMH.

  2. I don't have baby fever don't know if I will get one. For me I think I love the baby stage but they grow out of it and fast and I don't like that aspect of it all so I can't get on board to have another because they won't stay a baby *sigh*.

    1. Yes, they don't stay babies long. It feels like you blink and they're almost teenagers!