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6 Pull-Ups® Big Kid App Features That Make Potty Training Easier

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups®.  I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

It's been a month and some change since JJ and I decided to get serious about this potty training business.  I have to admit that potty training JJ has been a very different experience than when I potty trained Moo.  For starters, there was his dislike for actually sitting on the toilet.  Also, he is my most stubborn child by far.  When he makes up his mind not to do something, it can be quite the challenge to convince him to do otherwise.  

But thankfully, in addition to the Big Kid Academy resources that can be found via the Pull-Ups® website, they also have a super cool Big Kid App that is available for free for both iPhone and Android smart phones in the app stores.  Using this app has helped me to help my stubborn little man get more comfortable with potty training and make some progress on this potty training journey.  I would definitely recommend that any parent that has or is getting ready to start the potty training journey with their child download this app and check the 5 features listed below.

5 Cool Pull-Up® Big Kid App Features I Love

Multiple Account Creation- The first featured that I love about the Big Kid app is that you can create multiple accounts.  Having the option to create multiple potty training account for each child is perfect, especially if you're a mom with multiples.

You can personalize each account with your child's name/nickname and choose from a selection of pre-made aviators or upload up a picture from your phone.  Parents now have potty training resources and tools right at the touch of finger no matter where they are.

Videos & Songs- One thing I've come to learn about JJ is that he enjoys learning through songs and visuals.  The Big Kid app has an awesome selection of videos and songs like Bye-Bye to Diapers, Potty Dance, and more that I have been playing for him to really help him get pumped about making this transition.  I can play these songs and videos in the car, at home, in the store, at the playground or wherever.  When our children see other children pumped about doing something, then they're more likely to want to follow suit.

These songs and videos have really helped to make using the bathroom more fun.  And I'm not going to lie, parents once you listen to these different songs over and over with your child for a few times, you start to get into them too.  Yes, I have gotten my dance on to the Potty Dance song.  I'm not afraid to be silly with my kids.  Seeing me excited about using the bathroom has helped to make JJ more at eased about it.  We've conquered our fear of sitting on the potty.

Big Kid Timer- Having conquered his fear of actually sitting on the potty, I then started using the timer feature to help make sure we're going to the potty regularly.  The timer has made potty training for us easier in that it's a reminder when I've gotten busy and forgotten to ask if  he has to go to stop and ask him.  You can set your time for as long or short of a time period as you want.  You'll get a pop notification when it times to ask your little if he or she has to go potty.

And just a tip, even if JJ says no, we still go and sit.  I can guarantee you that almost 50% of the time when they say no, they really mean yes.  Usually they're too engrossed in their playing to want to stop and go use the bathroom.  So, I started off setting the timer at 45 minutes.  Therefore, every 45 minutes I was checking if he had to go.  But since then I've learned that during certain parts of the day he goes longer in between having to use the bathroom.

We prefer Sully

What's even cooler about this feature is that you or your child can choose between using the James P. Sullivan or Mike Wazowski Monsters University themes.  Fingers crossed that they add Boo and some Disney Princess ones by the time I have number three.

Potty Rewards- In addition to using our printable chart, I am to track JJ's potty training victories and reward him whether we're in the house or on the go.  With the Potty Rewards features, your child can unlock fun games featuring some of their favorite Disney characters by doing things to stars.  So, if your child enjoy virtual games this is another tool that you can use to motivate him or her to use the potty.

Pull-Ups® Big Kid 3D Celebration- Each pack of Pull-Ups training pants comes with a special marker inside that you will need to keep to activate this feature.  But I love it because it's another fun way to celebrate major potty training accomplishments.  Your child can choose Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lighting, Minnie Mouse or Princess Rapunzel to help them celebrate.  Of course, JJ is nuts for Mickey and that's who he's chosen each time we've celebrated.

Your special marker should look like this

Tips & Articles- I know some might expect me to be a little bit of a pro at potty training since I've done it before, but each child is different.  Therefore it helps to have tips and articles that I can access quickly for help or for a refresher course.  This journey has been and can be frustrating for both parents and children.  And what was frustrating for me was the fact that some things I did with Moo didn't work with JJ.

So, I did consult the tips and advice from this feature to get some new ideas like keeping a few toys that he likes in the bathroom to keep him occupied while he's sitting on the potty.  They recommended books too, but after fishing out one book from the toilet, I decided to scrap that and just stick to toys.  Toys I can bleach, but paper books I have to throw away.

More Updates

So, we have officially ditched diapers.  We've been enjoying the Lighting McQueen Pull-Ups® Learning Designs ® training pants that were sent to us.  I love that they have a special design that fades when wet.  No more having to unfasten diapers to check.

And we're so close to him doing his first poop in the potty.  I have to make sure I catch him when he first starts showing signs of having to go because let me tell y'all, it's hard and messy to put a child on a potty while they're still trying to poo.

Lastly, our biggest success hands down has been the fact that he is no longer afraid of the potty or the toilet.  This potty training journey would be even more challenging if he was.

Don't forget that you can check out Big Kid Academy and more the Pull-Ups® website.  Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more tips and resources as well!

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  1. These are such great resources! I'm on my way to potty train my son & I'm getting pressured day by day. I actually need to get better at this because my son is almost 3 years old & I'm not planning to keep buying diapers all my life. LOL :D Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Wow look at those pull-ups! Those are awesome and way better than the ones I had for Dalton! So glad that JJ is prety much out of the diapers and into pull-ups! This is such a good thing!

  3. Pretty cool. I might give this a try. Hope all is well.

  4. Love those Lightening McQueen pull ups! We've been potty training around these parts as well. So far so good. I definitely think coming up with creative songs has helped. We have our own version of "Party like a Rock Star." In our house, we do "Potty like a Rock Star." Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We love the pull ups. My youngest is still potty training but I have never forced the issue too much because he will go when he is fully ready. In fact, a few days ago he yanked off his diaper and ran to the potty all by himself. ;)