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Thankful Thursday

Yes, it's almost the weekend!   I'm excited because this the anniversary week of the Mr and I going steady.  On this upcoming Monday, we will be celebrating 9 years of being together!  I can't believe it's been that long, but I'm thankful that we made it.  I have no clue what he has planned, but I guess that I will soon find out.

I'm thankful that JJ is continuing to make progress with his speech therapy and communication skills.  He's incorporating hand signals or his sign language into communicating with others.  He's also been saying Dada a lot. He gets bashful when we ask him to say it, but he says it all the time when we don't.  I tried to record it the other day, but he clams up at first sight of any camera.  Fingers crossed that Mommy is next on the list of words he can say!  I'm just so thankful.

I'm grateful for all of the positive comments.  They have truly been an inspiration when some times I feel like throwing a a pitty party.  I'm thankful that the cold weather was gone today.  I actually had to run the air today.  Our weather is all over the place!  I'm glad that Spring is almost here.  Looking forward to grilling out in the perfect weather.

I'm thankful for all of the opportunities that have been coming my way.  It's nice to see doors finally opening up.  Btw if you haven't studied method.  

What are you giving thanks for today?  .  

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  1. 9 years? That's a loooong time--congrats! I'm also so glad to hear that JJ is making more progress with his speech therapy. Go, JJ, GO!

  2. I'm sooo happy to hear that JJ is coming along! That is such great news! 9 years is a long time! I'm sure whatever he has planned for you will be amazing and you'll love it! :)

  3. Aww... I hope you enjoyed your anniversary weekend!!! It's so great to hear about folks in love and see how you all are sticking it through, making it work, and staying in love!!!