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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday!  I'm moving slow today because I am feeling under the weather.  My wisdom tooth has come in and my gum is swollen.  I've never had this issue before.  Usually it comes and goes without any pain or extreme discomfort but not this time.  

Also, I'm already anemic, but my iron level has dropped even more.  I just feel it and so I'm going to be working on getting that back up because I don't want to end up in the hospital.  So, I have been taking it easy and trying figure out when would be the right time to schedule an appointment to have this wisdom tooth removed.  The Mr would have to take vacation time to watch the kids because the pain meds are sure to keep me out.  I'm a light weight when it comes to medication.

I'm thankful that the kids slept in today.  No 4, 5 or 6 AM wake up call from Moo or JJ this morning.  Sadly, I'm so  used them waking me early that I ended waking up still.  It took a while before I was able to go back to sleep, but I did and boy was that sleep good.  They slept in until 11, which is like unheard of.  The closest they've come to that was Christmas morning when they didn't get up until 10.

I'm thankful that JJ had another great week in speech therapy.  His relationship with his therapist now is like night and day compared to how he first reacted to her.  I'm kind of sad because Monday, we meet with another therapist since he'll be transitioning in May to a therapist sponsored by the school district.  I'm just hoping that this initial meeting goes.  I'm also hoping that we won't have to start back from square one.

I'm thankful for educational tv shows because that's what has been keeping the kiddies occupied.  I can't wait to be back at 100%.   Being sick is not my thing because it before all is said and done, it always turns into something else.  I'm very thankful for my library.

They now have overdrive and I check out ebooks as opposed to always having to one of the branches.  They've also partnered with Treehouse to teach html and coding online and show us how to build a website from scratch.  And it's FREE-99.  Y'all know I love free and I've been working on trying to learn coding and html.  This is why I enjoy living in the city.  

There are so many free classes and sessions offered by the libraries here.  I'm thankful that these last few days, the weather has been kind of nice.  I'm Spring will get here soon.  I'm thankful that I got asked to participate in nice campaign with a sweet giveaway that I think you all will love.  I don't want to giveaway too much, but a gift card will be part of the prize pack.  You'll have to wait and keep checking back to see how much and what store it will be to though.  Hope to see y'all around.

What's on your thankful list?

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  1. I am currently thankful for bedtimes ;)

  2. What a great series - stating what you are thankful for. I'm thankful for my warm house, a job, food on the table and my loving family. Stopping by from The SITS GIRLS

  3. I'm thankful for supportive friends. I've met so many wonderful people through blogging and am especially close to a couple of my other blogger friends. They just GET IT, you know! Stopping by to share the SITS Comment Love!

  4. Hi there! It's Tuesday but I'm thankful for my son doing well with his speech therapist too. He's been in speech since 18 months (5 now) and it's a hard transition to leave one you love. He still talks about the one he had in preschool. I'll be back and I subscribed via BlogLovin.

  5. I just started a new job. Very thankful for that!

  6. Loved reading your post! Good luck with the speech therapy, my son has Autism and Apraxia so he is in a bunch of therapies - speech therapy being one of them. I understand the anxiety about getting a good therapist and switching around too much. - Kathryn @