3 Family Lifestyle YouTube Vloggers To Watch

Listen y'all, I have a confession to make.  I'm hooked on family lifestyle YouTube vlogs!  Seriously, I've stopped watching reality shows on cable (or well, I've pretty much stopped watching cable period) and I now I watch my favorite YouTube vloggers instead.  I'm just over watching adults act like animals on those shows.  Also, I toyed with the idea of doing like video diaries when I was college and before I had kids, but I chickened out.

Plus, it's just interesting to get a look at the lives of other young families.  I thought that I'd share a few of my favorite family  vloggers with you guys.  Hopefully, you will check them out as well.  So, let's get started.


What I like about Judy and Benji is that they both remind me of myself. For example, Judy is really into beauty and fashion. Check out her beauty channel.  And you guys know that I was a fashion major and I like beauty.  Then, there's Benji, who's in to gardening, cooking and healthy living like me as well.  They have an adorable little girl, Juilanna aka JB (Juilanna Bear), and are expecting identical twin girls literally almost any day now.

I really love how family oriented they are.  I also respect the fact that they work hard to teach and expose JB to their different cultures.  You guys know that I come from multi-racial family and I feel more inspired than ever to find a way to teach our children about the different traditions from our culture.  I remember my mom used to take us the Native American expos when they came the Carolinas.  

It was such an awesome experience for me as a child to see first hand some of the foods, dances and authentic garb that my great mother and her ancestors had.  I love that they're both really doting parents.  It's so cute watching them dance and sing with JB. I know Maroon 5 thinks Mick Jagger has the moves, but I don't know.  Benji and Judy, especially Benji, are giving Mr Jagger a run for his money They're funny and they're real.  Like, you'll see them filming in their night clothes, Judy films without makeup and they talk about personal stuff.

Gabe & Babe TV

Gabe And Babe (Chad) are an interracial couple and they have the cutest little man, CJ, and an adorable pooch, Oscar.  Watching how Gabe was killing those P90X3 workouts has motivated me to get my exercise game up.  I haven't been consistent at all with working out and I don't like that.  Working out isn't fun and I don't have a workout partner, but the excuses are out the window and I've gotten my workout videos together, a workout music playlist and some workout clothes.  Mama is getting right, not just for the summer, but because I want to be healthier, more fit before I get pregnant with baby 3 and better able to keep up with Moo and JJ.

Gabe honestly reminds me the most of myself because she's just the right amount of girly.  Like I'm not girly, girly, but I still enjoy makeup, getting my nails done and doing my hair.  And speaking of hair, Gabe is all natural like me.  She has her own hair/beauty channel as well.  Lastly, one of the things that I got me hooked on them was that in a few of their earlier videos, they talked about their love for going to church and their faith.

I'm not a holy rollie or holier than thou as some people say, but I strive to live right or in a way that is pleasing to God.  And, let me tell y'all I was watching some of the older videos I missed from like Thanksgiving/Christmas time when I was down about JJ's whole Autism screening and stuff, and I'm glad I did because Gabe's grandmother Nana is hilarious!  Like I love her.


Omg, April is like a little ray of sunshine!  Like seriously, she's so upbeat, positive and perky about life that it's contagious.  And she has the sweetest husband, Justin, who is also a talented musician.  These two are the cutest!  They have three cats and are expecting their child, Baby Liam, soon.

And April keeps it really real y'all.  Like if she ever decides to write a pregnancy or motherhood book, it would be on my must read list.  She's been honest about her experience with pregnancy and talked about nipple cracking, vaginal discharge and all that stuff that some think is TMI or that pregnancy magazines kind of gloss over.  I've been a first time mom and I wasn't and still not into having motherhood and pregnancy painted or depicted as just being all sunshine and rainbows.

It's not and you'll be really unprepared if you don't at least get some real advice or insight.  They're both foodies like me and about healthy eating for the most part.  April has a great cooking channel, and I'm excited to try out some of her recipes.  I'm doing the banana tempura today.  I just can't get enough these two.  I really love that they share the highlights of their day at the end of each video.  

It reminds me of something that we do in my family.  Each night before we pray, we share one (or for Moo, two, three or ten) things that we are thankful for that day.  This is something I was raised doing, it's where the idea for Thankful Thursday came from and it helps to keep me humble and grateful for all my many blessings.  I think that April and Justin are going to make excellent parents when Liam arrives!

Do you have any favorite YouTube vloggers/channels that you like watch?  Share them below.

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  1. WHAT! This is a whole category I didn't even know EXISTED! did you just change my life I think you did! now I just need to stay awake long enough to watch some youtube! But At least the beauty of youtube is you can watch whenever you want to.

    And I agree I always searched for TMI about pregnancy, I didn't want ANY surprises so if April is sharing more power to her.

    I didn't know you were part Native American, if you do decide to explore that part of your culture take lots of pictures and share! I find that fascinating.

    1. Yes, I love watching at night after the kids have gone to bed! It's amazing the hidden gems you can find on YouTube.

  2. I love Judy's Life. Like you I am smitten with those videos. I said I wanted to get back into incorporating more on the blog but they take so much time to edit. I admire those that make that their primary form of blogging because it sure is interesting!

    1. I'm just getting into vlogging and I agree that editing is the longest, most stressful and hardest part. However, if you're truly into it, then it's worth it.

  3. I am so out of it! Why didn't I know about this category of vloggers? I really want to start vlogging again myself. It was so much fun!

    1. I didn't know about it either until one day I was exploring the different categories and stumbled across itsJudyLife. Then from there I found the shows via YouTube's suggestions. There are tons of family vloggers out there. Who knew?

  4. I totally missed this whole category of vloggers! i had no idea! I'm going to check out these guys! I really miss vlogging and I keep saying I'm going to do a vlog or two myself! We will see!

  5. I absolutely love itsJudys life and Gabe and Babe. Julianna and Chad are too adorable to watch. Never watched AprilJustin TV, but this post makes me want to!

  6. You should check out the Sacconejoly's.... they're my favourite haha.

  7. I agree that Family life blogs are my entertainment of choice. It's the new reality show with out all the drama. I love to watch Gabe and Babe. As Gabe always says, "What Up Peeps!" Classic. I found your page through a couple clicks on #Thatfreshfridaylinkup. Glad to find your post. I will definitely be back. :-)

  8. I agree! I enjoy all of these channels :) if you have the chance definitely check out my channel as well. My husband is in the army and we have a beautiful 15 month old baby girl. I've been vlogging for almost 2 years now and we have 6.6k subs! We Vlog our lives EVERYDAY. I love meeting people and all the opportunities that come with it! You should give it another try. You will love it!! Here's my link