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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday y'all!  One more day until the weekend.  Is anyone else in and around the Queen City area bummed that we didn't get our snow last night?  That is exactly why I don't like watching the news.  They get your hopes for being able to have a little snow and then nothing happens.

Oh well, I still have a lot to be thankful for today.  I'm thankful that we seem to have turned a corner in JJ's speech therapy sessions.  He did very well again both days this week.  His speech therapist was a little shocked because I think she thought that last week was some sort of "good luck" behavior.  Nope, I've been steady praying and writing in my prayer journal for JJ to have great sessions and he has.  Won't He do it?!

I'm thankful that I know have an accountability partner!!  We've agreed that every night we will share three things on our to-do list that must get done the next day.  Then, we'll check in with each other around noon to see how we're progressing with our to-do list and offer words of encouragement and a little motivation to help light a fire underneath each other if needed.  I'm super excited because while I have been staying somewhat on task with completing my list everyday, yesterday I had lazy day and that cannot be a repeat.

My accountability partner is a very positive and upbeat person.  She's very successful in her business and has been helping a lot of other young ladies grow and get into a position where they will one day be able to become their own bosses.  She's Christian like me and doesn't mind talking about her faith.  She's also a mom and a wife too.  So, we have quite a bit in common.

I'm thankful that BFF is starting her own business!  I know that her clothing company is going to be successful because she has a great work ethic.  Her drive and motivation right now is to provide a better life for her family and have more time to spend with them.  Plus, we both have degrees in Fashion Merchandising that were kind of just collecting dust.  I'm glad to see her blowing that dust off.  I'm blowing the dust off of mine too with a project that I have in the works.

I'm most thankful today that God had his angels around my two little cousins and their friend who were in a really bad car wreck the other day.  Seriously, his mom posted a picture of the car this morning on Facebook and it was totaled.  The top was crushed in from where it had flipped, the tires were bent out, the hood was a mangled mess.....  They had to crawl out of the broken windshield to get out of the car, but I'm thankful that were all ABLE to crawl out.

Somebody could have been seriously hurt, but they walked about with scratches, cuts and little swelling.  Our family has lost our share of younger loved ones to car accidents.  So, it's gets us anxious when you hear so and so was in car wreck.  Your mind immediately begins to prepare you for the worst.  I'm thankful that wasn't the case.  Life is precious and I know that my cousins know that it was God's grace and mercy that saved them.

What are you giving thanks for today?

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  1. i love that you have an accountability partner..i have one for running but i probably need to get one for life...although i guess God/Mr. Pancakes is that for me!! i am thankful that my knees have been doing well since i started running again! and yes wouldn't He do it for JJ's speech!!

  2. Oh my god that is a miracle that they came out of that accident ok. Sometimes I can totally feel the presence of Angels around me. my mom taught me to stop and stay thank you whenever something like that happens.

  3. Thankful Thursday. So loving this concept. I'm totally glad to hear that your cousin and friends made it out of that car accident in good health and spirit. God is good indeed. Thanks for stopping by the blog hun. xoxo. New follower. Natasha B of Fashionably Fabulous

  4. Wow! Praise God for his protection. Just wow!

    And *fist bump* to JJ.

    I'm thankful that the hubs made it home safely from his trip.