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Fashionable Friday

Yes, y'all, 5 On Friday is out and Fashionable Friday is in!  I just thought it was time to switch it up a little bit.  I've mentioned on here that I wanted to get back to talking more about fashion here on YUMMommy and that is just what I intend to do.  I don't claim to be THE expert, but I do hold a fashion degree, used to work in retail and did meet and interview a few famous designers as well as enjoyed tours of their New York showrooms.  Does the name Shelli Segal ring any bells?

Anyways, I thought I'd kick off this first Fashionable Friday with a little walk down memory lane of some of the fashions I've worn over the years.  I'm telling y'all some of looking at all these photos took me back.  Let's do this.

Caught off guard strolling the streets of New York.  I had just left my first H&M and I was hooked.  See those red shades hanging from my necklace?  Yep, I got the last pair and wore them the reminder of my trip.  We it came to accessories, I wasn't a fan of wearing chunky or statement jewelry.  For starters, my wrists are the size of an 8 year old's.

So, I stuck to tennis and chain link bracelets like the one you see on my arm in this picture.  I mean have you seen the chunky bracelets they make for kids?  My wardrobe did consist of a lot of black and lot of lace tops or tops with lace detailing.

My baby sister snapped this picture of me while I was home for a visit, enjoying a nice Spring afternoon at the park with my niece.  I've always been a fan of colored pants.  And yes, I usually layered my tops so that I could coordinate without it being too matchy.  Orange on orange just would have been too much without the black deep v-neck, sleeveless vest to break it up.  The large, thin, colored hoop earrings were really in and had a pair in just about every color in addition to the hot pink ones I'm wearing here.

When I wasn't on bedrest, I was determined to look my best during my pregnancy with Moo.  I didn't get out or to formal event often.  But when I did, I made sure the bump looked good.  It was the dead of Winter, but I was determined to wear something cheery and to put on some cute heels.  I found this formal number and Belk and had to have it.

 I can't remember if my throng heel sandals were Nine West or Aldo's.  Either way, after 6 hours in them and the weight from my belly weighing me down, I do remember my feet were killing me.  I had the Mr throw those shoes to back of the closet where they stayed until after I gave birth.

Can you guys believe this picture was taken just a few months before I got pregnant.  Oh to have that body back would be a dream come true.  This sassy little black dress was from Bebe.  It could be worn as halter with the detachable spaghetti strap like I'm wearing it in the picture or you could go strapless for nice clean look up top.  It fit like a glove and was one of the few dresses I owned that wasn't a mini.

Again, I kept the accessories to a minimum.  The necklace I'm wearing here an guardian angel that my Ma (aunt) gave me in junior high school.  I wore it religiously and only took it off to shower.  I still have it to this day.  Now that she's no longer with us, it's a nice reminder that she's always watching over me and the family.  When I need to feel close to her, I hold the little angel charm in the palm of my hand.

Loose tops and wide legged stretch pants were a stable for me when I was wearing dresses or pajamas during my pregnancy with Moo as well.  Can you guys believe that I was only 5 months in this picture?!  I think my belly was huge for 5 months compared to other pregnant women, but of course we found out that was due the fibroids.

Another thing I liked to do during my pregnancy was color blocking.  My top, bottom and shoes were always different colors but complimented each other.

There you have it folks.  When it comes to clothing I like to be comfortable, but put together.  I keep my accessories to minimum, I while do tend to gravitate toward neutrals, I'm not afraid to add pops of color.  Hopefully, this week I can snap a few pictures and show you guys what my wardrobe is like now that I'm a mom of two.  I think that you'd be surprised to some of the things in my closet.

So, what was your fashion sense like before you had kids and/or during pregnancy?

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  1. love this idea for friday...i don't know if my look has changed so much after pregnancy...i love jeans and looser fitting tops i guess because i have not lost all my pregnancy weight yet. i can't wait to rock all my old dresses though! i know they are begging for me!

  2. You are wearing that black dress!! I like the orange rust colored pants as well, very cute!

  3. Yes I like the new idea, keep Fashionable Friday coming!...where did you get your fashion degree from by the way?

  4. I love neutral clothing, too--that way you can add in fun pops of color and everything still matches. Cute with lots of options!

    Also, it's refreshing to hear of another adult with ridiculously small wrists. Mine never grew (but I also have tiny hands and tiny ears, too. Odd) and my husband loves to tell me that I have Hobbit sized wrists. Thanks, hubs! :)

  5. Love it! How adorable were you while pregnant?! SUPER ADORABLE! I love the top in the first picture! Also, awesome that you have a fashion degree. I'm probably one of the worst when it comes to fashion. (I always wear mom pants aka yoga pants) ;)

  6. All of your outfits are so cute!! I am highly obsessed with H&M forever and ever. :) The one of you in that black dress is KILLER! You are werking it girl!

  7. I'm a huge H&M fan as well. You looked awesome in that black number :)

    I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. All the deets are here:
    The only reason I'm leaving my link lol

  8. I see an H&M bag!! I love H&M. I actually braved the crowds a few months back at the grand opening here in Charlotte. It took me two hours to check out. Still worth it!

    I love your style. I'm hoping to start doing more fashion related posts myself this year. We shall see :)