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Dreams, Visions And Resolutions 2014

I know a lot of people are on the I-don't-believe-in-setting-resolutions-train, but not me.  When people say that what hear is "I'm not setting any goals for my life this year."  After all, a resolution is in fact another word for goal.  And I think that we should all set new goals for ourselves or make plans to attempt to complete the goals still in progress.  I have made a list of resolutions/goals for the year but each month I am setting short term goals to help me reach my year long goals.

Before we jump into my list check out my Dream Board below.  It's visual reminder of my most important goals I want to accomplish and mark off my list.  If you're interested in making one here's the link: http://goo.gl/j9Bduw

In 2014, I want to:

  • Find a church
  • Continue working with JJ to make progress with his speech
  • Get Moo into a top rated kindergarten
  • Take a family vacation/trip
  • Secure 2 major/dream sponsors for YUMMommy
  • Publish my novel online & in print
    • Host mini book tour/signings
  • Vlog a minimum of once a month
  • Buy a second car
  • Pay off student loan (a little over $6000 left)
  • Attend 5 events
    • 1 Blog Conferences
    • 1 Charity Dinner/Event
    • 1 Local Blogger Meetup
    • 2 Family Events
  • Host a charity event online & locally
    • Blanket/Yarn Drive
    • Toy Drive
    • School Supply Drive
    • Scholarship Fund
  • Workout 3x a week
  • Continue cooking & eating healthy
  • Buy house/townhouse with at least 3 bedrooms & office space (foreclosures are cheap again in our area)
  • Build up savings
  • Find the kids a pet neither is allergic to
  • Get a new laptop and desktop
  • Nourish the relationships with my friends, family, supporters and God
  • Family portraits
  • Ditch the ponytail and try new hair styles
  • Continue revamping wardrobe
  • Take a class (already found three free classes online)
  • Redo logos
  • Think more positively
  • Enjoy life

Some of these I think overlap.  For example, if we attended a family event out of town and made it an entire weekend trip, then that would count as a mini family vacation.  And of course, the things that I want to continue doing don't require me to go out of my way to do anything different. So, I know this list looks long, but I'm going to try my hardest to cross off everything.  Thankful Thursday post will be coming later on today!

What goals, resolutions or dreams have you set for yourself and family to accomplish in 2014?

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  1. These are all great resolutions! I would like to do many of these myself! Hopefully this year I will be able to attend more events and do more community outreach. I wish you the best with all of your goals and ambitions!

    1. Thanks. I good luck to you as well in attending more events and doing community outreach!

  2. I love all of your goals for the year. It's going to be a great one for you!! Love your dream board too. Where'd you make it?

    1. Thanks! I'm naming and claiming it. I got the dream board from Oprah.com/dreamboard

  3. What a great list! Mine are centered around my health and finances. I didn't want to make my list too long because I knew it would overwhelm me.

    1. Health and finance are very important. I pray that accomplish everything on your list! Happy New Year.

  4. We have a lot in common! I also want to get my son into a top rated kindergarten. The competition is tough but prayer works. I need to start vlogging more as well! I need to get on mine, I have a lot of goals and it would be nice to get them all in one place!

    (I love the chevron background!)

    1. The competition is fierce for these preschools and kindergartens. I'm really going to have to go into my networking vault and use some of my connections. It's just so much going at schools now days and I want to make sure we get her into a good where I know she's relatively safe, the teachers actually care about the students and most importantly she's being mentally stimulated.

      Let me know when you start back vlogging. I've seen a lot of your previous vlogs.

  5. I'm with you on the student loan thing!
    And I wish you were in Georgia..I'd invite you to my church!
    Happy New Year!

    1. If ever I'm in GA, I will be sure to take you up on that offer. I love a good worship and fellowship experience! Happy New Year.

  6. You have a great list of goals! I made two vision boards for this year..Im huge on "seeing is believing". I think my biggest goals for this year are to build my business and to stay focused on that.

  7. I didn't think about it in terms of people hearing not setting goals... Nice twist. I have a few plans/goals that I'd like to accomplish, the biggest being to go on a family vacation. We've never done that before and we want to do so before the twins leave for college.

    So here's to 2014 and making our dreams come true!

  8. I love your goals on your vision board, especially the book tour idea. I believe that having a vision board helped me focus on my goals more that ever before.

    Good luck with the Moo's kindergarten, I pray she gets into a top one