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3 Fresh Beat Band Songs That Rock And Inspire

Sometimes inspiration can come to us from the most unlikely places.  Being a SAHM/WAHM, I see my share of kids' shows.  I have to admit that I am personally a fan of Nick Jr.  One show that I have found to be very inspiring not only to the kiddies but to me as well as is the Fresh Beat Band.  They're all about teaching kids how to work together, the importance of friendship, and never giving up on their dreams.  Here are three Fresh Beat Band songs that have been inspiring to me.

I Can Do Anything

With lyrics like " You can do anything you put your mind to," this song is by far very uplifting.  It reminds me of the story of The Little Engine That Could.  As some of you frequent readers may know, I've been working on my first fiction novel and recently just another nonfiction book as well.  Earlier this month, I had big case of the downs and felt like throwing in the towel on my novel.  In my mind, I was telling mysreamself that I couldn't do it and that people would forever see me as just that mom who blogs and not an author.

But I didn't quit.  Why?  Because to quote more lyrics from the Fresh Beats, "I believe, I believe it's true; I can do anything I want to do."  And finishing my novel and publishing it is what I want to do and what I'm going to do!

Reach For The Sky

We've all heard that when it comes to success and achieving our dreams that the sky is the limit.  That saying makes the lyrics to this song so much more befitting: 

"Reach for the sky.  Show everybody what we can do.  It's our time to shine.  Just take a chance and believe in you.  The music's contagious, this feeling's outrageous.  We're making our dreams come true.  Hold your hopes high.  Reach for the sky."

I reached for the sky when I wrote my post about how I wanted to live an abundant lifestyle financially, spiritually, emotionally and family-wise.  I got great feedback and lots of encouragement.  However, not everyone saw my reaching for the sky as a positive thing and they decided to tweet about and talk about on it on social media.  I honestly, think said person forgot that I was following him/her.

But at the end of the day, a naysayer and unbeliever isn't going to stop my show.  To quote a not so kid friendly song by The Game and 50, "Hate it or love it, the underdog's on top.  And I'm gonna shine homie until my heart stops."  I've reached for the sky and now it's time for me to soar!

Another Perfect Day

"Just another perfect day. Bring it on 'cause I'm on my way.  I've got a laugh to share.  I've a dream to chase.  Always something new to learn.  Can't wait to take my turn. Gonna turn it up 'cause it's another perfect, perfect day."

The Fresh Beats have helped me to realize that everyday is already perfect.  Not because everything went right but because I'm simply alive.  Everyday, I wake up is another day to chase my dreams, accomplish my goals, learn something different and enjoy my loved ones.  My turn is now and I'm making the vow to myself to turn it up everyday.

It's time to turn up to my maximum potential as mom, wife and businesswoman.  Dreams don't work unless I do.  So, I'm seizing every perfect day as a day to move up a notch and get closer to where I know I'm meant to be and to help my family do the same.

What songs have inspired you and/or your family?

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  1. I love the fresh beat band their songs are so uplifting and great for kids. I want them to come to Atlanta I would be jamming more than the kids.

  2. LOL, now I have "Just like a Rock Star" stuck in my head. I've got to admit, it's a pretty catchy tune. I wish someone had warned me that once I had a kid, I would be able to memorize every kiddy song ever made.

    And don't even get me started on Doc McStuffins! Best. Show. Ever. But that song is a major ear worm. It probably doesn't help that we keep getting Doc McStuffins toys for Jasmine.

  3. I am so into feel good uplifting songs. My son loves this band. The song I am really into right now is Happy by Pharrell. Every time I hear it, I want to get up and dance and it makes me so happy:-) Thanks for sharing these great songs!


  4. Oh I love the Fresh Beat Band! When I had cable, I'd watch it even if the kids weren't around, haha! Their songs are definitely inspirational and can lift someone's spirits!

  5. I love that show. My son loves anything with music, so this a great one with a good message.

    Coming by from SITS Comment Love tribe!