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Thankful Thursday

Can y'all believe it's almost the weekend again?  I'm not complaining because we're getting closer to my birthday!  Yep, Sagittarius season is in full affect.  Also, Christmas and New Year's are just around the corner.  2014 will hold a lot of changes for me and my family.

Speaking of change, JJ met his new speech therapist today!  She is very nice and was very patient with him.  We both agreed that it will take a few visits before he warms up to her.  But while he played shy, she taught me some sign language that we can do with him.  I'm so thankful for that because anyway for him to communicate better than what he's doing now is a step up.

Moo has already caught on to the sign for potty and play.  I'm thankful that she is still her brother's biggest fan and a huge supporter of helping him overcome his delayed speech.  She is ever so patient with him when he speaks in his gibberish and grunts.  I love her so much for this because seeing her upbeat and optimistic keeps me from breaking down into a crying mess most days.

There are still days that I don't make it without crying.  Monday night as they watched a Christmas movie, I escaped to the kitchen and had a good cry while washing the dishes.  Having a child with a speech/learning disability is emotional draining because you have to constantly remind the voice in your head that says their disability is all your to shut up.  It's not like I don't already carry around enough guilt because of all the allergies they were born with.

Regardless, I know these tough days are making me into a stronger person overall.  I will emerge from this experience victorious.  We will emerge from this experience victorious, stronger, more appreciative and closer.  So, I am thankful for that.  At the end of the day, God has the final say and I know a breakthrough is on the horizon!

I'm also thankful that Moo had a great birthday. She decided at the last minute that she would much rather go to Chuck E Cheese than see Frozen.  And that's what we did.  JJ had a blast too.  Moo was even nice enough to share some of her prize candy with him.  

All in all, I am just thankful to be thankful.  Despite everything that seems to be falling down and going wrong around me, I still have joy.

What are you giving thanks for?

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  1. I admire your positivity and gratitude. You are such a great mother. You're doing a fantastic job. I hope you love JJ's new speech therapist and that it works out fabulously for everyone. XOXO

    1. Thanks! I think I like her. We've only had one session so far but I think she sees the emotional toll this is having on and will do her best to guide me in exercises and techniques to help get him talking and signing to communicate.

  2. stay strong about your son. You are doing everything you can. Things will work out, I'm sure of it.

    I'm glad Moo had a good birthday and is a good sister to him. She seems awesome.

    1. Thanks Krissy! I am hanging in here and trying hard to stay positive. Moo is very awesome. I am always amazed that I got chosen to be her mommy!

  3. K. Elizabeth...I have a son who was speech challenged and completely lost his ability to speak twice, when he was two and when he was he's an adult and gives speeches for a living...please don't blame your self...and try and see his being in your life as an amazing opportunity.

  4. Please don't blame yourself…
    You're such a wonderful Mama!! I read a pin somewhere that said behind a worried Mama who worries *she's* not doing her best… has a loved and good child. Something to that effect…

    You, sweet lady, are doing your best, and I know JJ will come around. I had a neighbor, who's son and daughter were both delayed talkers and you would have no idea now. Keep positive!

    Happy Belated b-day to Moo!!