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My Weekly Ambition

I missed linking up over at Ambitious Curls for My Weekly Ambition for the last couple of weeks.  But I am back on the wagon.  About my last MWA post, I totally did not exercise for 30 minutes like I was suppose to everyday.  Does chasing after kids count?  I have been managing to write for an hour everyday.  However, I tend to self edit as I write and that doesn't make for very good progress.  I did manage to start and end my days on a positive note though! 

To exercise for 30 minutes everyday.  I'm not working out to drop pounds because I think I'm good where I'm at weight wise.  However, it's time to tone this tummy and these legs back up.  I have drifted away a little ways from the college freshman body, I had when I first met my husband.  He's not complaining, but I sure as heck am!

To work on concepts for my book cover.  My book is not finished but it finally has a title (click here to find out what it is) and I have a rough mental picture of what I want the cover look like.  I need to just refine it a little bit and then get busy networking and making some calls to get the proper people on board to help me execute the vision.  

This book is like my baby and I've been guarding it with my life.  I don't just want to be putting a bunch of words out there.  I'm so passionate about writing because it is my art and I want readers to be able to feel that from cover to cover.

To have more patience.  I am more patient with kids, but I still need to work on my patience with the Mr.  I think that the year we took apart and then all the time we had been growing apart up until that point got me used to having my space, coming and going as I wanted and interacting more people my age.  When I first met my husband, gestures of affection (i.e.-hugging, holding hands, cuddling) weren't something he was into at all because of how he grew up.  He just didn't see affection, but the opposite.

My parents on the other hand were very affectionate before things went down hill and as a result, so was I.  But I eventually adjusted to my husband's comfort levels as time passed.  We split.  Now, we're back together and I just don't feel like making the adjustment back to the old me.  Therefore, when he's in my space a little too much , I tend to get annoyed easily.

Honestly, I feel like old me who was more affectionate and wanted him in my space got her heart broken.  So, new me still has a wall up because I guess at times the hurt still feels fresh and the fact that this one car situation makes it hard for me to get out as much as I want to.  However, I am devoted to my marriage and will work on getting this wall down and finding a way to bump up my income so that I can get this second car fund back up.

What's one challenge that you want to overcome this upcoming week?  Did you notice anything different about the blog today?

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  1. Love the new look!

    I guess my biggest challenge to overcome is to get back into exercising regularly. It's been around two months since I was able to run. A few months ago I did some major damage to my knee, and instead of recovering, I tried to push through the pain, and paid the price. I'm hoping by next month I'll be able to hit the trails again. There is a 10k out there somewhere with my name on it!

    Good luck to you in reaching your goals! I'll be pulling for you.

  2. Ohh, I tend to self edit as I write, too! I just can't help it. I like to think that chasing children counts as cardio somehow. Makes me feel better about not really exercising! haha! I'm excited about your book! I liked the Facebook page, by the way! :)