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My Top 5 Ultimate Blogger Christmas Wish List

The kids aren't the only ones with Christmas wish lists this year. I made a little wish list of my own of items that I would love to see under our tree for me.  Of course, I would have to win a small lottery first, but a girl can dream.  Isn't the point of a wish list to wish and dream?  Anyways, I thought I would share 5 things from my list that would my life as a blogger and writer much easier.


I had the privilege of setting one of these beauties up for my mom's office.  It does everything I would need for it to do.  It's fast, sleek and all the trays fold up nicely when not in use to maximize  space on your desk.

You guys know that I have been laptopless for months now.  The struggle to continue blogging has been real.  And let's not even talk about my efforts to find a decent video editing mobile app so that I can continue my vlogging.  I've always been a fan of Sony products and have had good experiences with them.  Also, this laptop converts to a tablet and is pretty lightweight, thin and very chic looking.

Speaking of vlogging, the lighting in my current apartment sucks!  There's no overhead lighting in the living room where my desk is and where I filmed my first vlog.  So, I love to fix that by adding some lights that were designed specifically for videos and photo taking.  After all nobody wants to watch a vlog if you can barely make out the face.of the person vlogging.

Let's face it laptops are great because they are portable but sometimes you need the functionality of a desktop.  Again I love the Sony brand.  Also, this desktop comes with some sweet photo editing software and has a built-in HD camera so that your videos come out crisp and clear.  If I had to choose one gift off this list, this would be it!

I recently scored a great deal on point and shoot Canan PowerShot from Target, I would like something a little bit more fancy.  I am seriously looking into my options of turning Moo's Closet into a real boutique and I want a camera that will take stunning and high quality pictures of my products.  And sometimes that means using a different camera lens.

What's on your Christmas wish list this year?

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  1. Love your wish list... Wouldn't all these electronics be awesome!! I have boots and a coat... So excited I'll probably be getting those for myself!! Happy shopping!!

  2. Girl, I love it! I could use all of it. I have had two Viaos and loved them. I have since switched to mac. We didn't buy a laptop yet. I have a desktop but so glad I went this route for now. My lighting is terrible here as well. I have had there lamps and my son has knocked all of them down. SMH

    1. We have one lamp in our living room that sits on my desk. JJ has knocked it over a couple times already. So, I haven't bothered adding a floor lamp because I don't him to knock it over while I am in the kitchen or something. However, once we upgrade to a bigger space, I definitely want to invest in getting those studio lights for shooting vlogs.

  3. Great roundup! I saw the printer and was like, "Wait a minute that looks familiar!" We have an Epson that's been a great workhorse for us and bought the Canon PIXMA MX712 from BJs when it was deeply discounted but are waiting to use up all the Epson ink before setting it up (ink is so stinkin pricey!). For Christmas I'd be happy with a new laptop too!

  4. Yes to all of these, especially the PBL STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEO LIGHT KIT. I would love that. I've been trying to find ways to overcome the terrible lighting in our apartment. Last week I honestly tied a flashlight to the ceiling fan above one of my Christmas crafts so that I could take a decent picture. It worked too! lol, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Great list!