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Playing Catch Up

This whole time change thing has my body out of sorts.  The clock says 10 PM but to my body says it's 11 PM.  Throw in the fact Moo has been staying up late every night, JJ has been extra cranky during the day and I feel like I'm a doing a million things but not seeing any fruits from my labors and you get me spending today play a game of catch up.

While I haven't completely neglected my novel, the only time I have to really work on it is at night after I finally get Moo down.  By that time I'm so drained my creative juices feel nonexistent.   And I meant to finish the chapter I was working on last night but I fell asleep.  Friday, I did make a little bit progress, but ended up falling asleep on top of my glasses and bent over the laptop.  I'm so glad that screen on this thing folds all the way down because I would have broken it.

I did manage to push the top of one of my lens out.  And now I can't get it to go back in.  I've tried pushing it back in and almost snapped my frame.  So, now I have to fit in a visit to the eye doctor.  Some of my friends have already finalized their Thanksgiving menus, taken recipes for test drives and more.  I just started looking at turkey prices.  I do have my menu finalized though. (Look for a post about it this week).

I also caught up on some reading this morning.  In January, I set a goal to read 150 books this year.  Sadly, I haven't even read 50.  I've even been slacking on reading to the kiddies.  So, the plan is read at least book every night.  And for me, I'll be completely a minimum of two books a week.  I'm determined to at least finish this year out with 50 books read and yes, I'm including the books I read to the kids.  A book is a book.

I caught up with a cousin of mine and found out he's been living here in the Queen City for 8 years!!  8 year y'all and I didn't even know it until today when he told me on Facebook.  He actually thought I had just moved here.  The truth is I've been here longer than he has.  I haven't a clue how we haven't run into each other at the mall or the movies.

Do y'all know how much stuff and how many important events went down in these past 8 years that he could have been a part of.  He missed out on being at my college graduation, visiting me in the hospital after I had the kiddies and hanging out for the holidays.  All because we didn't the other person was here.  I've never been more thankful for Facebook than I am today.  

We've exchanged numbers and I'm looking forward to the kids meeting him and reconnecting.  He's 4 years older than me, but we grew up together and always had fun with my other cousins and siblings at family cookouts.  Then he went off to college and we lost touch.  Looking forward to reuniting though.

I'm also catching up on my Bible study because tomorrow is Monday, which mean my Bible 365 post needs to be done.  Well, I'm off.  See y'all on Monday!

What have you been catching up on this week?

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  1. 150 books is a huge goal, especially as a mom! :) You still have more than a month and a half my friend. ;) That would mean no time for anything else! I think it was a great goal to make and that you trying is all that matters. I was a literature major and used to read all the time. Now I am lucky if I can read a couple books in a year. Perhaps make the goal amount smaller for the coming year my friend. I hope you have been well! It is getting chilly and I just love the autumn crisp air! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

    1. All is well! 150 books is ambitious, but last year I read 130 books. I'm a fast reader and can usually knock out an average book in a few hours at night. I just slacked off and didn't read. There's always next year though!

  2. Wow, your life sounds like mine. Really! Waiting to work until the kids go to sleep - and then being wayyy too tired to even think at midnight.

    I think 50 book is fabulous. I know your initial goal was 150 - but you have made progress which is really great. Congratulations on that.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I will follow you via all of your social media channels. I look forward to following your blog!

  3. I'm catching up on rest... and just catching up period. There's not enough time anymore