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Getting Crafty With It Part 2

I put together this arts & crafts bucket list back in July before things got all crazy.  However, despite the craziness, we have been able to mark a few things off our list.  Check out my progress below.

1-Sharpie Mugs: Moo and I both made mugs for Halloween. Check them out here.

2-Hearts Paint Chip Wall Art: Still have to round up the supplies for this one, but we should be able to knock it out in an hour or two.

3-Beaded T-shirt Necklace: We'll probably spend this to have a Christmas theme and mark it off the list next month. 

4-Hand Rolled Puffy Beads Bracelets: Can't wait to get started on this one.  It's another simple craft.  If you're doing it with toddlers, just roll their beads larger and make sure they eat any of the dough.

5-DIY Melted Beads Accessories : Post coming soon on this one.  We did ours a little bit different, but Moo had a blast!  Sadly, JJ had to sit this one our because he wanted to eat the beads. Definitely recommend this craft for kids 4 or older with adult supervision.

Source: Pinterest

6-Scrap Fabrics Tutu:  I'm hoping to get a start on this in the next week or so.  Moo's birthday will be here in two weeks!

7-Hand Imprints With Homemade Playdough: I still have to mount these onto some of kind backing and get them framed.  And I have to do JJ's.  Moo and I had fun making ours a few months ago though.  Check out the post on how we made it here.

8-Finger Painting: Moo has fingered panted several times.  However, in the move her paintings got wet.  So, we'll be doing some Christmas theme finger painting next month.

9-Decorative Flower Pots

Source: Pinterst

10-Wooden Strips Mat

11-Crochet American Flag Throw: This project is on hold too.  I'm working on a Christmas blanket instead.

12-Chunky Baby Blanket

13-Crocheted Cell Phone Case: Haven't decided on what colors I want to use.  And I'm thinking about going with a different pattern.

Source: Pinterest

14-Multicolored Poncho: I think that I'm going in a different direction in terms of the actual style, but I could probably mark this off the list before the New Year. We'll see.

15-Crocheted Bolero: Ok, so I started on Moo's but then ran out of the specialty yarn I was using for it.  I haven't been able to find the yarn in the stores.  I'm in the process seeing if I can find yarn to match one or two of the colors in the specialty yarn to finish it up.  At any rate, this project probably won't be completed until after the new year.

Did you make an arts & crafts bucket list?  How's your progress coming along?

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  1. So many awesome ideas! Good luck with trying some of these ideas out!!

    1. I can't wait to cross a few more off our list!

  2. That crocheted poncho is so cute! I learned but wow the idea of finally making something for myself or kids would be amazing. So many ideas you have my dear. I love this. Thank you for sharing with us on Countdown in Style! Don't forget to stop by Friday to see if you are featured! xoxo

    1. I'll definitely stop back by on Friday! I enjoy making things for the kids. The poncho will be the first thing I've actually crocheted for myself in a long time.

  3. I haven't make a crafts bucket list, but I think I might need to incorporate that into one of my many lists! That way, when I do have crafts, I have ideas! Pinterest, anyone?

    Thanks for sharing and linking up with Countdown in Style! Don't forget to come back on Friday to see if you were featured!