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5 Reasons Why SI Kids Makes The Perfect Gift

With Christmas fast approaching it's time to get a start on your gift shopping if you haven't started already.  Or maybe you have started but still need options for stocking stuffers.  Look no further.  Sports Illustrated Kids to the rescue!  Here are five reasons to give the gift of SI Kids.

1-Kids Love Magazines:  I've tested this theory out.  I've packed books for Moo and JJ for trips to pediatrician's office.  While the books might have distracted them in the car, but once we got the pediatrician's they quickly ditched their story books for the glossy covers and pages of a magazine.  No amount of persuading could get them trade out their magazines for books.  As Moo explained it one day, "Magazines fun!

2-Improved Reading Skills:  This goes hand in hand with number one.  Kids are more likely to improve their reading skills if they're reading something that they love or enjoy!  As a former reading tutor and having worked in the school system, I can tell you that it is highly recommended that parents of reluctant readers give them magazines or newspapers to read.  Why?

Well, if your child is having issues with reading, thrusting a book at them only makes them feel more intimated of reading.  Magazines have less educational appeal to kids.  And any experienced parent can tell you that the more fun you make things like learning or chores appear, the more on board your child will be with actually doing it.  So, why not give them a magazine that is designed for kids to learn with?

3-It's Unisex:  Whether you have a house full of boys, girls or a mixture of both, SI Kids is the right the gift for either sex.  SI Kids is filled with cool celebrity interviews and tips, games that will challenge their minds, stunning pictures, comics and more.

4-It Keeps On Giving:  Unlike most Christmas gifts, once you open them that's it.  With a subscription to SI Kids, your child gets a new magazine every month for 12 months.  That's like 12 gifts!  And 12 is better than 1.

5-It's Convenient:  The best thing about SI Kids is that it's convenient to order.  No leaving the house or braving insane crowds at the mall on Black Friday for this gift.  You order your child a subscription right from the comfort of your home.

And to make ordering even more convenient, Sports Illustrated Kids is offering an exclusive deal for the holidays.  Right now when you order a one year subscription of SI Kids (print or tablet version) for $19.95, you can get set a gift of 12 more issues for only $5!!   You don't want to miss out on this offer.   Check out www.sikids.com/gift to learn more about this exclusive deal.  Don't forget to like SI Kids on Facebook too!

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  1. Wow, they have SI for KIds now?? When Pookah gets older, he is going to LOVE this!!