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5 On Friday

Happy Friday! For some reason, I'm extra giddy that this is the last weekend of this month. I think it has to do with the start of November bringing me closer to my two favorite holidays-Thanksgiving and Christmas! Now on to my 5 on Friday list.



My baby sister is obsessed with all things Tinker Bell.  So, being the nice big sister that I am, I'm going to hunt down a pattern for this blanket and crochet it for her!  I've never done tapestry crochet before, but I'm a quick learner.  I taught myself how to crochet from just looking at pictures in some old holiday craft books my mom had from the late 70s and 80s.


Moo has decided that for her birthday this year, she doesn't want a party.  Instead, she just wants to get a few friends together and go to the movies to see Frozen.

And I'm not complaining.  There are still plenty more birthdays left to have parties.  It's her special day and I want her to enjoy it and spend it the way she wants to.


Next month is NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)!  I'm going to be doing both.  I've really slacked on blogging these last few months since our move and I'm looking forward to the challenge of NaBloPoMo.  It's really pushes you to be creative and to develop discipline as a writer.  As for NaNoWriMo, I've been dragging my heels on finishing up my novel.  This will give me the motivation to finish it.


I'm totally obsessed with that song Almost Is Never Enough by Ariana Grande and Nathan Skyes.  I was going through some stuff and ran across some old love letters from an ex, got caught up in my feelings and well, this song sums up why he's not Mr YUMMommy.   In love and marriage, almost isn't enough for me.  I was all in our relationship and he was too busy riding the fence because he still wanted to chase skirts.

I moved on to somebody who was willing to commit and willing to go all in and I don't regret it.  He's recently moved on too, but not before putting it out there that I had 'broken' him.  Not sure how he was the one who ended up broken, when I was the one getting cheated on.  Anyways, reading the letters just took me back and made think of how my life would have been different if I had settled for almost.  I'm pretty sure my pillow would have seen more than its share of tears.  

It may seem like you're close to being in love, but don't settle for being close when you can be in love!  Know your worth and know when to walk away.  Even when it hurts like hell.


I'm clueless as to what to do with my natural hair. It's grown out from my hair cut. I'm thinking of just keeping it in a rod set, but that would mean buying a hooded dryer and those things cost money for a really good one.  Either way I'm headed to my friend's salon soon to get some shaping done because my hair looks so lifeless when it's straight.  I'll post pics on the blog when I decide what my do will be!

What's on your agenda for the weekend?

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  1. I can't believe we are almost at the end of October - come back summer. Tomorrow hubby and I will be taking our youngest on a college tour- #bittersweet. Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. You know, you really just blew my mind saying it was the last weekend of October. CRAZY how time flies. I love this holiday season too. Can't wait to get it started!

  3. I want to see Frozen too!!! They played the trailer for it during Planes and I was hooked, LOL!!! That's always (secretly) awesome when a child opts to not have a party. When my daughter wanted a small little day trip to the beach I was SO excited. I hope Moo enjoys Frozen!

  4. Awe, that's so nice of you to crochet that for your sister! I have a bunch of old crochet books from my husband's grandmother a few weeks ago. I think the movie for Moo's birthday is a great idea! I wish my kids were that simple, lol! I'm excited to know that you're writing a novel and I had no idea about the blog post month. I'm going to have to check that out!