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Thankful Thursday

It's almost the weekend.  Nothing spectacular planned around these parts.  The kids and I might take a trip to the Ikea store to get the house for a few hours while the Mr sleeps.  I've been searching all the stores near us for an extra long curtain rod since the window in the living room has one big window.  However, it seems like nobody keeps those in stock. :(  So, I've been forced to hang the curtains up using some small pin nails.  Not the business or cute.

Anyways, the thing I'm most thankful for this week is that JJ is feeling better.  He had a 24-hour stomach bug a few days ago.  It was awful because he couldn't sleep and then when he did finally fall asleep at about 3 AM, his sleep got interrupted an hour later when he woke up vomiting.  And the poor guy could barely keep his eyes open he was so tired.  So, he was literally throwing up in his sleep most of the time.  But he's better and back to his usual self.

I'm thankful that I took some time to disconnect.  While I wasn't thrilled that it took forever to get the Internet and cable hooked up, I'm glad in a way that it happened.  I was able to put more focus on spending time with my little family and getting organized.  I even disconnected myself from my phone and set it to Do Not Disturb.  It felt freeing a way.  I think we all need to take time to shut out the outside world and just refocus or gather our wits for a while.

I'm thankful that I'll have more time to spend with Moo.  This year due to budget cuts they've had to cut back on the number of kids they take into the Pre-K programs.  They screen kids to see which kids really need Pre-K and which kids don't.  However, the thing is if your child is too smart and/or you don't meet the income requirements then that means that your child can skip to kindergarten.  I think that's nuts.  Why should Moo has to sit out an extra year because she's smart?

We're waiting for her screening appointment, which is next month.  And if she tests out of Pre-K, I will be petitioning the school board to let her skip to kindergarten.  Until then we're enjoying this extra couple weeks we have before she'll be away from us during the day.

I'm thankful for YouTube.  It's amazing all the helpful stuff you can find on there.  Need a make-up tutorial, looking for a cookie recipe or want a review on a specific product?  YouTube is sure to have you covered.  Remember, I told you all that I was concerned that JJ's vocabulary wasn't as advanced as I thought it should be?  Well, thanks to YouTube, we're starting the My Baby Can Read series.

The best part is that it's Free99.  The actual company who makes the videos has a YouTube channel and they've posted entire video series on there.  So, why would I order the series online when I can access it for free?  And our tvs allow us to stream from YouTube, which is great because my computer has gone to computer heaven. :(  

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. i love free thanks...and i'm so glad you get to spend more time with Moo but yes definitely petition so that she can skip into kindergarten...go Moo!

    1. You can't beat free, especially when it comes to educational stuff!

  2. Stomach bugs are THE worse! Especially when our children are affected by them. I'm happy to hear JJ is feeling better. Whew! Girl, I haven't been to Ikea in so long. We have a really nice one here that I passed by the other day and thought of going in. But I don't NEED anything so I don't wanna go in and spend money I don't need to spend. LOL.

    1. I'm definitely going to have to keep myself in check when it comes to Ikea too. They have really great stuff already, but their clearance prices are the best around!