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Getting Crafty With It

Summer break might be coming to a close, but here in the YUMMommy household we've been bitten by the arts & crafts bug!  It all started when Moo saw one of those parenting tip/idea segments on the Disney Channel.  I don't recall the craft they were making, but I do recall her asking "Mommy, can we do a craft?"  I like to think of myself as a pretty crafty person.  After all I used to teach an art class and I'm pretty mean on the crochet hooks!

So, I look to Pinterest in search of some ideas for some diy crafts that we could do as a family as well as some that I could do on my own.  And what was suppose to be one to three crafts has now morphed into an arts & crafts bucket list.  See what we'll be making before the end of 2013!

1-Sharpie Mugs (I think this will be a great craft for us to try around Christmas.)

2-Hearts Paint Chip Wall Art (The kids' will be using the their first name initials for theirs.)

3-Beaded T-shirt Necklace  (Moo is going to love this one.  She's all about beads and scissors.)

5-DIY Melted Beads Accessories 

Source: Pinterest

6-Scrap Fabrics Tutu (Making one of these for Moo's upcoming 5th birthday!)

7-Hand Imprints With Homemade Playdough

8-Finger Painting

9-Decorative Flower Pots

Source: Pinterst

10-Wooden Strips Mat (Looking forward to making this when we move.)

11-Crochet American Flag Throw (This will be perfect for next year's July 4th.)

12-Chunky Baby Blanket

13-Crocheted Cell Phone Case (No more scratched screens to due to keys & other stuff.)

Source: Pinterest

14-Multicolored Poncho

15-Crocheted Bolero (Making one for me & one for Moo.)

Well, we're off to get started making some head way on this list.  I'll be posting about the first craft we're marking off our list this weekend.  It's fun, simple and very easy and inexpensive to make!


  1. You should totally do the color mat. It looks fun and easy. As for me, my crafting time of the year is fall. For some reason that's when my inspiration happens ;)

    1. I tend to be more crafty naturally during the fall too. I guess it has to do with all the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm definitely going to try the color mat.

  2. Crafts is just not my thing and people look at me in awe because my mom was the queen of crafts only thing I can do is sew a zipper in and cross stitch

    1. Cross stitching and sewing a zipper are no easy tasks. So give yourself kudos for that!

  3. I have a DIY board on Pinterest and I can't wait to get settled into my new house to set up our craft space and really get to it. I've never considered myself crafty because I am one of those people that like to move a mile a minute and crafting sometimes takes patience. I will have to learn to make the best of it. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

    1. I think once you find your crafting 'passion' you'll get more into it. There are certain crafts I don't like to do. But I'm taking the time to experiment more and try some different things.