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Wednesday Randoms

I'm in the process of polishing YUMMommy's look.  Did you notice that I changed the background to all white and did away with the tab colors?  I also cleaned up my sidebar a little bit.  Thinking about changing the header, but I'm not sure how I want it to look yet.

The Mr's surgery is this Friday.  I'm not nervous or overly worried like before.  I think the thing I'm most concerned about is getting him from the car and into the house safely.  Ripped stitches are no fun.  So, Thursday I will fluff up the pillows and make sure the remote is next to the bed to help him be more comfortable.  However, he'll mostly like be sleeping on and off for a few days due to his meds.

Moo has been begging me about going camping in the backyard.  I wouldn't mind this idea but our backyard is not fenced in.  I don't need somebody's dog or cat trying to claw their way into our tent.  Not to mention a black bear has been spotted in the next over from us.  Maybe, we can camp out in the living room instead?

JJ is refusing to us his words to communicate.  He prefers the scream and point method.  I'm slightly worried because it seemed like we were making progress in terms of his vocabulary.  We'll see what the pediatrician says first before I start googling things like autism. I hear kids can go through these stages.  Meanwhile, we'll be doing some flash cards to help stimulate him more.

I'm ready to get my feet wet with some vlogging and podcasting.  However, I haven't a clue what my first vlog or podcast should be about.  I'm think an introduction of some sort.  Those who vlog and/or podcast what did you talk about in your first vlog/podcast?

We went to see Man of Steel last week.  It was awesome. It also gave the Mr the itch to write his own screen play.  He's written me poetry before and it was amazingly good.  Of course, I wouldn't expect anything different from a former AP and Honors English student.  Most us tend to be good with words and writing.

I've been thinking about taking on another 365 project.  Not sure what it should be though.  Maybe, a family photo project?  I definitely want it to be something that involves the kids and the Mr. It can serve as a project to boost family bonding.

Stuff got real on OWN this past Sunday with Oprah's show Next Chapter and the documentary Dark Girls. It's saddening just how bad colorism affects the Black community regardless of class.  I did shed some tears watching Dark Girls because I remember being a victim of colorism growing up.  I was teased by other Black kids for being the only Black kid in my honors and AP classes.  They would say things like I wished I was white but I was too dark.  Not going to lie their words bothered me but they only made me work harder at staying focused on my education.

Why isn't there any place here in the Queen City that delivers 24/7?  Seriously, I'm going to have to write to my people at McDonald's.  I heard Burger King is testing out delivery at some restaurants.  So, I think McDonald's needs to look into this too since they already stay open 24/7.

The Trayvon Martin case and Paula Deen scandal have me seeing red.  I just can't even understand what's going on with that defense attorney of Zimmerman's. That guy is rude and cold.  And Paula has me heartbroken.  Some people say they're not shocked, but I was.  I don't believe that all white people from the South are racist.  I come from a mixed family and know that to be a myth.  Not to mention, if anybody knows anything about the Underground Railroad, there were white southerners who risked their lives helping free slaves.  It just sucks to see that Paula's heart isn't as lovable and sweet as it appeared to be.

What's your random tidbit for today?


  1. I refuse to watch the Treyvon martin case because I will get angry so I just read twitter for that. Praying for a quick recovery after the surgery. I think the first video should be a commercial of some sort to introduce you. I am doing one for my magazine for our one yr anniversary soon.

    1. I get angry reading it on Twitter and Facebook too. I just wish Congress could come to some sort of agreement to make it harder for people to carry guns in public. I get that ppl need the right to hunt and protect their families in the home, but outside of that guns just seem to be too much of a safety hazard.

      And thanks for the suggestion about the vlog! I'm working on it.