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Who's That Mom

We as moms are among the hardest working people on the planet!  Seriously, have taken the time to sit down and make a list of all that you do as a mom?  I know that have.  Let me tell you that list is long- cooking, cleaning, monthly (sometimes bi-weekly) doctor office visits, play dates, peace maker, PTO, school conferences, etc.  That's exactly why I'm thankful for holidays like Mother's Day to celebrate our awesomeness.

However, why just celebrate our awesomeness one day?  I've decided to introduce a new series called "Who's That Mom."  One of the reasons I started YUMMommy was not only to share my journey but also to help others share theirs too.  Being a blogger and philanthropist, I have come in contact with some amazing women from all walks of life. Some of them just so happen to be moms and I'm reaching out to them to give them a little spotlight and talk about why I think they are so awesome.

It is my hope that through this series others will be touched by the stories of these  moms.  I hope that "Who's That Mom" helps us to really not take for granted our role as moms.  Trust me sometimes with all the craziness going on it's easy for motherhood to become just another 'thing' we do.  The reality is being a mom is one of the greatest honors and privileges that life can bestow upon us.  So, I hope that you will join me and support this new series.


  1. Sounds like fun! Just in time for Mother's Day :)

  2. I agree with you on being celebrated only one day. Great idea you have