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2 Already

Dear JJ,

Happy Belated Birthday!!  I meant to write this on your birthday, but we were roadtripping to the Big Easy (NOLA).  Anyways, I can't believe that you are TWO now!  I'm still trying to figure out where the first year went and now I have to think about the second too.  I can't even begin to tell you how much joy you have given me, Daddy and Moo (and Auntie Cat).

Everyday, I feel blessed that you (and your sister) chose me to not only be your mommy, but your guide, nurturer  protector and provider.  I'm thankful for the hugs and kisses you enjoy passing out now.  My heart melts to pieces when you lean over or pull my face in for a kiss on the cheek.  I love how you always want me in your line of sight and need to be with me almost 24/7.

I've learned with your sister that these days are fleeting.  Soon you'll be wanting to go off and do your own little toddler thing without me hovering over you.  You'll make friends and will probably become too cool for kisses.  I hope not though, but if so I'll settle for a hug.  You're still giving me near heart attacks with your Dare Devil antics.  

I have to admit that you've slowed down on the dangerous stunts a little bit.  However, every so often a chair calls your name and you just have to climb into, stand on it and then try to jump off it or climb higher onto something else.  You are definitely getting more rowdy.  You're always trying to wrestle with your sister and other kids.  Maybe, a few days of hitting the park will help to get some of that energy out of you.

And you've traded Diego and Baby Jaguar in for Mickey Mouse and the gang!  This is a shocker because I never saw this coming.  You used to go so hard for Diego, but not anymore.  It's all about Mickey.  We can't go anywhere and spot a Mickey because you'll go bananas trying to get to it.  Guess, we better take that trip to Disney Land before you outgrow your Disney phase.

Your hair has gotten longer but is still super curly.  Daddy still wants to cut it off, but I'm keeping my foot down on this.  I said we would take you to get a little trim but not a fade or anything that involves clippers.  I'm hoping that you outgrow your asthma and allergies.  They've been acting up pretty bad since Spring got here.  You're a trooper though and never let either keep you down for long.

This feels surreal.  A part of me is still in denial about the fact that your birthday has come and gone.  But alas, Year 3 has started and as much as I want to, I can't rewind the hands of time.  Instead, I can continue snapping pics and writing journals in an effort to freeze and preserve moments from your childhood no matter how big or small or simple.

At the end of the day, just know that you are loved little man!  We wouldn't trade you for anything in this whole wide world.  Here's to Year 3.  May it go by a little slower than Year 1 and Year 2!


  1. Happy 2 year old to your little one they grow so fast he will be learning new and exciting things going into 3.

    1. They do grow up so fast. So interested to see how much he'll change now that he's approaching official Big Boy status.

  2. 2? Already? Oh my how time flies Happy Birthday JJ!!XOXO
    This is beautiful, thanks for sharing your beautiful letter for your handsome little man.

    1. I know right?! And to think Moo's birthday is coming up next and she'll be 5! My babies aren't babies anymore.

  3. Awww two years already...happy bday JJ!!!

  4. Year 3 seems to go by just as fast as you already know. Happy belated birthday JJ!!! I feel like you and it's like hold up its been 4 years. .... lil our birthday count down has stated and as the days go by I see my baby disappear and is slowly being replaced bya big ggirl and I know you are going through this double time. To our kids may this world be kind and our knowledge and words of wisdom helpful.